About Harvey

Our world was made complete in June 2013 when a baby boy with the chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen joined us.
We named him Harvey. He has been rocking our world ever since.

Harvey is a super happy little laid back bub who loves socialising and flirting with sales assistants on our many shopping trips. So far it hasn’t scored us a discount, but I can dream!
He loves his extended family and always has a big smile for everybody, and if you are super special you will even get a smooch. But more than anything he loves 3 things:

  • His Parents
  • Our Fur babies (2 big boofy Alaskan Malamutes)
  • Food – He keeps those cheeks chubby by eating everything he can get his hands on

Harvey’s closet has grown almost as quickly as he does. We love skinny jeans and stripes but I really just can’t resist anything with suspenders or a fox on it. Which is proving expensive now just about every store has cottoned on to the Fox trend and there are fox pieces everywhere! He almost always has a hat on (I love them) and I am a sucker for a bandana bib.


2 thoughts on “About Harvey

    • Thanks lovely!

      I just made it through wordpress – pretty easy and I can even do it from my phone!

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