The Little Wedding Guest

Apologies for these awful awful photos. We had a bit of a pre wedding ‘incident’ that involved my camera and a 16 month old. Not naming names. I always try to not go photo crazy at friends and family weddings though so I can enjoy the day, so it was lovely not to focus on a camera and just have fun.

I was planning Harvey’s outfit for his aunt’s wedding from when he was an itty bitty newborn. As soon as I knew ‘he’ was a he I wanted something special to put him and his gorgeous big cousin in matching outfits for, and the occasion finally arrived!

These two kids LOVED the wedding.. and all of the attention that looking spunky in matching suits brings.

The wedding was beautiful. It was all in one location (pretty much any wedding that has this is a winner in my book) on a beautiful rustic property, with the reception in a big old shed.


You can tell by this awful family photo that we were clearly having too much fun to waste time getting nice photos..

Harvs and his daddy scrub up pretty well I must say. We sent Harvey home at dinner time so we could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening, which I assure you we did.


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