Warming Up

Melbourne has been putting on some lovely weather this week. Today I wore just a light jacket and felt too warm. I am going to be optimistic and call winter done, Ha!

I celebrated the warm weather by rolling up Harvey’s sleeves. Check out that hair! Harvey wears hats so often sometimes it’s rapid growth surprises me.

He blows kisses now at the sight of keys or the front door being touched. Bless.

My lovely husband is back at work, that week off went far too quick. We fit in lots of activities but I was having too much fun to capture them. We had an amazing day in the Yarra with a quick stop in to Healesville Sanctuary. Last time we visited we decided it was probably more for older kids, but I am so glad we gave it another go. I find you get good zoo days and bad zoo days. Bad days are when all the animals are hidden away and sleeping. Good days they put on a show, and we absolutely got a good day this time. The birds there are amazing! Doesn’t hurt that Healesville is wine country and we always sneak in a visit to one of our favourites too.

This is our one shot from the zoo. Harvey points at his puppy hat and wants to wear it most days lately. He loves it. I am not complaining, I think it’s adorable.

We spent the rest of the week catching up with some friends, taking walks with our fur babies, and just kicking back. Holidays at home are so lovely.

Lucky it’s only 4 short weeks away to another 2 weeks off. It’s a hard life. We are off to L’s sisters wedding and Harvey’s outfit is currently being shipped along with a matching one for his 2 year old cousin. So excited, Harvey clearly is too..

He is still obsessed with dancing. We broke another “things we never said we would do before we had kids ” rule and got a wiggles dvd and have been dancing along to it all 3 of us. Such fun. Harvey practices his moves in front of the camera at every opportunity.

Harvey is wearing:

Zara Baby White Shirt -$25.95
Espirit Vest – Gift
Target Skinny Jeans – $5 on sale yonks ago
Charlie & Me Shoes – $10

One last shot… just to prove that at least someone thinks I am funny.




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