Feeling Better

As soon as I finish this post I am off to find some wood to knock on, because I think we are just about all fully recovered from our sickness and now I have put it in writing. Awful bug hit us all and kept coming back in waves and I will be mighty glad to see the end of it. I am the only one now still a little ‘off’ but I think another day or two I will be back to full health.

I celebrated then end of our woes by putting Harvey in this outfit today.

I love a bit of nautical. Harvey had a few little sailor suits as a baby but has sadly outgrown them now.

This outfit is all Target, I found the tights in the girls section.

Now we are feeling better we have been spending a little more time outside. We even went to the art gallery which was fantastic. Harvey is officially obsessed with planes. He watches the sky waiting for one to fly over then points at it in awe, like this.

Then waits again for another.


The Target sweater and leggings are teamed with his Deary Me moccs, and Baby Gap hat.

Here is to better health and more days outside!


4 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. Seriously funkiest kiddlet getting’ round! How do you keep him so clean? Or does he get all messy after the lovely photos you take? Hope you and your family get well soon. Sickness is the worst with little ones 😦 Maria. x

    • Haha he definitely gets dirty! Most days I do our pictures straight away before he manages to scuff his knees or spill food down his top. Although on occasion we take them later on, I am not against editing away a spot of dirt or peanut butter sandwich 😉

  2. Harvey is such a great little poser for photos! Does it take a lot of shots to get the ones you need for blog posts?! Adorable outfit too. I’m glad you’re all better.

  3. I’m jealous of any kid (and photographer) who can keep a beanie on their head long enough for a photo!!!! I put beanie on Audrey’s head. Pick up camera. . BANG beanie off!!!

    The first pic is so pretty!! I love the shot.

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