A little unwell

Stay far away. We are in quarantine. We came home from our quick trip away with the flu. No doubt 20ish hours of being on the road over 4 days did no wonders for our immunity.

Yesterday things were looking up, and I thought it was all over. Unfortunately today we are again all feeling sorry for ourselves. I have been downing tea like it’s water.

I first noticed the other day when we snapped these couple of shots. Our little guy just wasn’t himself, his eyes seemed dull and he wasn’t beaming like he normally is. Somehow this child isn’t sick of having his photo taken and normally he loves it. Today though he just wasn’t in the mood, so we called our little shoot off and headed inside for rest. It was all down hill from there.

We love this vest Harvey was given for his birthday. He looked very dapper in it with his white Zara shirt and jeans.

Harvey has proven me wrong once again and in sickness has become a total mummy’s boy. I am not complaining one bit, his cuddles are divine and even make me feel a little better. It’s so awful when babies are sick. I wish I could take it away, or even just explain to him that he will get better. He is just so sad.

Hopefully a few more rest days and we will all be back in business.


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