Well Trained Consumer

Today my husband was getting groceries (Harvs was in the trolley) when Harvey grabbed his daddy’s credit card and held it up to the atm machine. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

I had been told by several people that toddlers don’t like being in their prams, and they will plank to stop you from putting them in. Lucky us we haven’t had any of those problems, Harvey loves being in his pram and going to the shops. He flirts with sales assistants like crazy. I think it’s well established that I like to shop – so maybe he was started young enough to not know any better, but he loves to shop too.

I often just pop out for a minute to get one thing, then several hours later realize it’s lunch time or that it’s almost closing time. Often I haven’t even purchases the item I ran in for. Oops.

I am a lucky lady in that my husband doesn’t mind a day spent at a shopping center, although to be fair I started him young too.

I was just saying the other day that one thing that has changed since we became parents is we hardly ever go to the movies these days, another thing I love to do on a visit to the shops. We decided we are going to attempt a mums and bubs session in the next couple of weeks. Wish us luck! I really miss popcorn.

Harvey is wearing:
Cotton On Bandana bib – $16.95 for 2
Pumkin Patch knit – A first birthday gift, isn’t it lovely!
Country Road Baby Solid Legging – $24.95
H & M Faux suade boots – $12.95
H & M Hat – $12.95 (with mittens)

I love my little shopping buddy


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