Summer On My Mind

I am a summer girl, winter is lovely but summer will always have my heart.

My recent shopping ban has me thinking about the little guys summer collection. No more room for winter items doesn’t mean I can’t stop stocking up for the future (I have also been taking advantage of the current sales for this time next year) Basically I have a shopping habit that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, so here I am to share with you a few recent purchases. Lucky Bonds is budget friendly!

We are big Bonds fans and as soon as I spotted these tiger print legging I had to have them.. and of course the singlets to match.


Stretchies Print Leggings – $13.95

Baby Stretchy Chesty – $7.95 – In both Eyeshadow & Abstract Grey


I have also been stalking the H & M website waiting for more summer items to come in to make a visit, so far these are on my list.

Polo Shirt – $7.95
I think it’s safe to say I will be getting these in a few colours. What a bargain!

Linen Mix Shirt – $14.95

Denim Shorts – $19.95

It’s July in Melbourne and warm weather is a while away so I officially have lost the plot. It’s safe to say I am looking forward to summer.

Which has me thinking about our summer holidays. We have 2 family visits set for October and over Christmas. Then in early February we have 2 weeks to have a family get away and I can’t decide where I want to go! Summer holidays I prefer to have locally (as in within Aus) since it’s so beautiful here. I prefer to keep our overseas trips for winter to break up the cooler months. Actually come to think of it that is probably why I am busting for summer – this is the first year in about 5 that we haven’t had a warm holiday to break up winter.

Any summer holiday recommendations? We were looking at Lakes Entrance, it’s not far and we have never been, or possibly heading over to Adelaide/Barosaa Valley. I just am not getting excited by anything in particular yet.


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