Daddy’s Boy

Back before we decided we wanted a baby I always dreamed of having a little boy. Once we were trying and then after I was pregnant I honestly couldn’t have cared if we had a boy or girl – I got excited picturing either and changed my mind pretty regularly with my boy/girl guesses. Now he is here I love having a boy, and can’t imagine things any different, but to be honest now I am a parent I really can’t see a big difference in life one over the other would have made. I feel pretty strongly, now more than ever, that personality plays into it so much more than boy/girl parts. Slightly different outfits, headbands instead of hats, dresses instead of suspenders – the differences are pretty minimal. Down the track of course maybe the sports he wants to play, or the movies he wants to watch but I still feel the impact gender plays in life is nothing really.

I’m not sure why I used to imagine a boy in my younger years – maybe because I know so many people who really wanted a girl and I like to be different, or maybe because I am not really into girly clothes, maybe I always knew I would have a boy, but probably because I think there is nothing cuter than vests and bow ties.

I read a silly blog post the other day smothered in gender stereotypes that among other stupid things I found annoying said boys were so much easier to dress because it’s just pants and tops and everything goes together. Oh I could not disagree more! 1. Everything does NOT go with everything. This is a lesson many people need to learn, both boys and girls.. and 2. There are so many little boy options that are so adorable– hats, vests, suspenders, shirts, tees etc etc. 

I think one gender stereotype I did fall into believing was the well known Mummy’s boys and Daddy’s girls. Over the last couple of weeks Harvey has blown that stereotype to shreds. Total daddy’s boy. He talks about “dad dad” all day long, lights up and claps his hands when his daddy enters a room, screams ‘dad’ with pure joy just at the sight of him. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

As for Mum, well she is ok. He clearly loves me, he is incredibly affectionate with everyone, most of all us. I get smothered in cuddles and kisses every day so I am definitely not missing any love (or slobber) but there is definitely a sparkle in the eye he has only for his daddy. I don’t mind – I love the bond they have, and maybe one day he will become mummy’s boy.


5 thoughts on “Daddy’s Boy

  1. Those jeans are adorable. I love the yellow and blue combo. My friend has a two year old boy and he is SUCH a daddy’s boy! Always following him around and asking where he is (the dad goes away for work a lot), but when he’s tired or sick he always wants his mum. I think it changes with age/needs etc.

  2. You have the most stylish little man getting around!! Love it. I have a 13 month old little boy called Locky and a second on the way. Love your photography, but your a pro so it’s only natural for it to be amazing. Wish I could take photos like that. All my photos of Locky are on my iPhone and blurry! haha. He moves too fast. Found you via Domestic Divinity Facebook page 🙂 Maria xx

    • Thanks Maria – Your little guy is a total cutie no doubt number 2 will be too. You are doing pretty well for Iphone- your photos are lovely!

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