Nanna Cardi

I found this knitted cardi on holidays at the markets in Milton NSW (a cute little town on the south coast, near where I grew up) and couldn’t say no. I had all intentions of changing the buttons (maybe black?) but it’s half way through Winter and that hasn’t happened yet so I thought we best get a wear out of it before it’s September and winter is over.

The good news is it’s big and I am pretty sure it will fit next year, so maybe I will get around to changing the buttons before then. Harvey’s 2015 winter collection is already growing, the sales at the moment are fantastic!

Our front fence has been featuring in many of our photos lately. It has gotten COLD and we have gone into hibernation. Home and shopping centers have heating so that is where we are at.

The little guy doesn’t seem to mind too much – he is such a happy little boy. I have 0nce again decided I have a new favourite age – 1. He is just so much fun right now.

It’s as if he learns something new each day and the whole world is just amazing to him. Having a little one really makes you slow down and appreciate the little things. He has also become a little dare devil though, climbing anything he can get his knee up onto, and he loves to pull everything out of cupboards – but nothing we can’t live with or child proof. Mostly having a 1 year old is pretty awesome!


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