Little Fox

I have posted before about my slight obsession with foxes. Someone picked up on it and gave Harvey this hat for his birthday – best. hat. ever.

He seems pretty happy with it too!

It looks great with his new shoes that were a steal at $5 from Big W! I am having so much trouble finding Harvey shoes lately, he is getting too big for baby shoes, and isn’t ready for hard soled big kid shoes. He has been getting closer to walking each day but I know that soft shoes are the best for those first stages of walking. So I was so happy to find these bargain shoes in a larger size.

Harvey’s closet is officially full. Plus his drawers are overflowing. I have put myself on a shopping ban since 90% of his clothes have only been worn once, or not even at all. I must have some sort of addiction though because within hours of deciding no more winter clothes for Harvey I was online shopping for Summer and next Winter. I can’t help myself!

He has 60 coat hangers in his closet (I originally purchased 40 but went and got some more when my habit started getting bad) I only use them for items that fit, and all pants, leggings and PJ’s are in drawers and yet every single hanger is being used. If I was up to date with washing I wouldn’t have enough.. hold on that sounds like a good excuse to put off doing the washing!

I tossed up buying more hangers, but decided more hanging items probably wouldn’t actually fit, so instead started the shopping ban. It’s not working out too well, my sister in law joked maybe we should change rooms and Harvey can have our large closet. I actually even pondered it for a split second. I wonder if there is a kids clothes buying anonymous? Although it’s probably for the best there isn’t – it would probably turn into a rag trade and we would skip meetings to go shopping together..

Harvey is wearing:
Fox Hat – Gift
Cotton On Leggings – 2 for $20
Target Cardi – Was part of a set last winter
Country Road Henley Top – $29.95


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