Little Red Fire Engine

Harvey was given a gorgeous little red fire engine for his birthday. He loves pushing it in and out of his teepee, and using it as a rocking horse, but his feet can’t quite reach the ground to use it as a car yet… soon.

I think he looks beyond adorable playing with it. Add a baby scarf and suspenders to the mix and it’s killer cute.

I went to H & M like 4 times with that long sleeve onesie on my list and it was never there. Finally on my last visit they were on the shelf, I couldn’t have picked one up faster.

It’s a great weight. I was a little confused by the sizing so I just grabbed the biggest one – It’s a little big but nothing he won’t grow into. Just gives him longer to wear it really.

The little scarf was a $2.80 with free shipping ebay find. I buy a few things like that – sometimes you win, sometimes they are dodgy as can be but for $2.80 it’s not a huge loss. This one was a win, I think I will order it in red too!

Harvey is wearing:
H & M Long Sleeve Onesie – $6.95
Zara Baby pants – $34.95
Scarf and Hat – Ebay cheapies
Deary Me Moccs


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