Zoo Day

We had some family stay on after Harvey’s party. Having visitors is always a good chance to get out and about, and we spent one of the days at the zoo.

We are zoo regulars, since we have a membership (A must have if you live in Melbourne and have children) but I don’t normally take my camera, but with the family here I lugged it along and grabbed a few snaps.

Some days you can go to the zoo and it’s a bit of a snore, some enclosures are closed, most of the animals are asleep in the back corner of their exhibits etc We were lucky though that this day was a great zoo day – all the animals seemed to put on a show for us – starting with this Tiger who stopped and stared straight at Harvey (that red in the reflection is his pram)

Harvey’s loves the butterflies – it’s seems to be most little ones favourite.

But a new favourite was added on this trip when we took him into the Seals

Harvey is wearing a shirt and cardi set from Target – I think it was $18 from memory. It came with a tie too, but he hasn’t worn it yet. He also is wearing his $6 jeggings from the girl section of Kmart (I am almost devasteted he is now wearing the biggest size they come in) and baby volleys $15 from Big W. The hat is mine from sportsgirl, when my mum was babysitting a few months ago she saw it and assumed it was his, and he has been wearing it ever since. Probably cuter on him anyway!

We finished off the visit with a trip through Lemur island. I got in trouble for letting Harvs get too close to a Lemur -Oops! I had assumed they were fairly timid since they have an open exhibit, but I would rather be yelled at to not get so close then have him bitten by one I guess!

I am a bit behind on the toy sale craziness – I had a look on the Big W website last night and tossed up doing a christmas laybuy but I have no idea what to get. He will be 1 1/2 at Christmas which is too little for the 2+ toys but he already has tonnes of little toddler toys.. any ideas?


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