Pyjama pants

When Harvey was a little baby he had a few little pj sets that I put on him for every day wear.. Like this one

Purebaby PJ set worn with a Purbaby cardi.

At the time I said he could just get away with it while he was little and it would have to end when he grew. But at 1 he is still rocking pj sets as outfits.

(Today’s post is all iPhone shots – I forgot my camera and keep missing outfits because I don’t take pics, so I think I will just use iPhone when the camera isn’t about from now)

This pj pant and tops (which has a teepee on it – I’ll definitely put it in an outfit soon) set was on sale for $7 – BARGAIN!

I think the matching pj and pants would maybe be a little obvious but teamed with his H & M knit and Purebaby collared onesie it’s cute as can be.

If it isn’t flannelette or a onesie, it doesn’t count as PJ’s in my book.


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