We are currently interstate with a teething toddler. All 3 of us are totally buggered. But how cute is this boy in his Pumpkin Patch flannelette shirt he was given for his birthday.


Well Trained Consumer

Today my husband was getting groceries (Harvs was in the trolley) when Harvey grabbed his daddy’s credit card and held it up to the atm machine. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

I had been told by several people that toddlers don’t like being in their prams, and they will plank to stop you from putting them in. Lucky us we haven’t had any of those problems, Harvey loves being in his pram and going to the shops. He flirts with sales assistants like crazy. I think it’s well established that I like to shop – so maybe he was started young enough to not know any better, but he loves to shop too.

I often just pop out for a minute to get one thing, then several hours later realize it’s lunch time or that it’s almost closing time. Often I haven’t even purchases the item I ran in for. Oops.

I am a lucky lady in that my husband doesn’t mind a day spent at a shopping center, although to be fair I started him young too.

I was just saying the other day that one thing that has changed since we became parents is we hardly ever go to the movies these days, another thing I love to do on a visit to the shops. We decided we are going to attempt a mums and bubs session in the next couple of weeks. Wish us luck! I really miss popcorn.

Harvey is wearing:
Cotton On Bandana bib – $16.95 for 2
Pumkin Patch knit – A first birthday gift, isn’t it lovely!
Country Road Baby Solid Legging – $24.95
H & M Faux suade boots – $12.95
H & M Hat – $12.95 (with mittens)

I love my little shopping buddy

Summer On My Mind

I am a summer girl, winter is lovely but summer will always have my heart.

My recent shopping ban has me thinking about the little guys summer collection. No more room for winter items doesn’t mean I can’t stop stocking up for the future (I have also been taking advantage of the current sales for this time next year) Basically I have a shopping habit that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, so here I am to share with you a few recent purchases. Lucky Bonds is budget friendly!

We are big Bonds fans and as soon as I spotted these tiger print legging I had to have them.. and of course the singlets to match.


Stretchies Print Leggings – $13.95

Baby Stretchy Chesty – $7.95 – In both Eyeshadow & Abstract Grey


I have also been stalking the H & M website waiting for more summer items to come in to make a visit, so far these are on my list.

Polo Shirt – $7.95
I think it’s safe to say I will be getting these in a few colours. What a bargain!

Linen Mix Shirt – $14.95

Denim Shorts – $19.95

It’s July in Melbourne and warm weather is a while away so I officially have lost the plot. It’s safe to say I am looking forward to summer.

Which has me thinking about our summer holidays. We have 2 family visits set for October and over Christmas. Then in early February we have 2 weeks to have a family get away and I can’t decide where I want to go! Summer holidays I prefer to have locally (as in within Aus) since it’s so beautiful here. I prefer to keep our overseas trips for winter to break up the cooler months. Actually come to think of it that is probably why I am busting for summer – this is the first year in about 5 that we haven’t had a warm holiday to break up winter.

Any summer holiday recommendations? We were looking at Lakes Entrance, it’s not far and we have never been, or possibly heading over to Adelaide/Barosaa Valley. I just am not getting excited by anything in particular yet.

Daddy’s Boy

Back before we decided we wanted a baby I always dreamed of having a little boy. Once we were trying and then after I was pregnant I honestly couldn’t have cared if we had a boy or girl – I got excited picturing either and changed my mind pretty regularly with my boy/girl guesses. Now he is here I love having a boy, and can’t imagine things any different, but to be honest now I am a parent I really can’t see a big difference in life one over the other would have made. I feel pretty strongly, now more than ever, that personality plays into it so much more than boy/girl parts. Slightly different outfits, headbands instead of hats, dresses instead of suspenders – the differences are pretty minimal. Down the track of course maybe the sports he wants to play, or the movies he wants to watch but I still feel the impact gender plays in life is nothing really.

I’m not sure why I used to imagine a boy in my younger years – maybe because I know so many people who really wanted a girl and I like to be different, or maybe because I am not really into girly clothes, maybe I always knew I would have a boy, but probably because I think there is nothing cuter than vests and bow ties.

I read a silly blog post the other day smothered in gender stereotypes that among other stupid things I found annoying said boys were so much easier to dress because it’s just pants and tops and everything goes together. Oh I could not disagree more! 1. Everything does NOT go with everything. This is a lesson many people need to learn, both boys and girls.. and 2. There are so many little boy options that are so adorable– hats, vests, suspenders, shirts, tees etc etc. 

I think one gender stereotype I did fall into believing was the well known Mummy’s boys and Daddy’s girls. Over the last couple of weeks Harvey has blown that stereotype to shreds. Total daddy’s boy. He talks about “dad dad” all day long, lights up and claps his hands when his daddy enters a room, screams ‘dad’ with pure joy just at the sight of him. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

As for Mum, well she is ok. He clearly loves me, he is incredibly affectionate with everyone, most of all us. I get smothered in cuddles and kisses every day so I am definitely not missing any love (or slobber) but there is definitely a sparkle in the eye he has only for his daddy. I don’t mind – I love the bond they have, and maybe one day he will become mummy’s boy.

Nanna Cardi

I found this knitted cardi on holidays at the markets in Milton NSW (a cute little town on the south coast, near where I grew up) and couldn’t say no. I had all intentions of changing the buttons (maybe black?) but it’s half way through Winter and that hasn’t happened yet so I thought we best get a wear out of it before it’s September and winter is over.

The good news is it’s big and I am pretty sure it will fit next year, so maybe I will get around to changing the buttons before then. Harvey’s 2015 winter collection is already growing, the sales at the moment are fantastic!

Our front fence has been featuring in many of our photos lately. It has gotten COLD and we have gone into hibernation. Home and shopping centers have heating so that is where we are at.

The little guy doesn’t seem to mind too much – he is such a happy little boy. I have 0nce again decided I have a new favourite age – 1. He is just so much fun right now.

It’s as if he learns something new each day and the whole world is just amazing to him. Having a little one really makes you slow down and appreciate the little things. He has also become a little dare devil though, climbing anything he can get his knee up onto, and he loves to pull everything out of cupboards – but nothing we can’t live with or child proof. Mostly having a 1 year old is pretty awesome!

Little Fox

I have posted before about my slight obsession with foxes. Someone picked up on it and gave Harvey this hat for his birthday – best. hat. ever.

He seems pretty happy with it too!

It looks great with his new shoes that were a steal at $5 from Big W! I am having so much trouble finding Harvey shoes lately, he is getting too big for baby shoes, and isn’t ready for hard soled big kid shoes. He has been getting closer to walking each day but I know that soft shoes are the best for those first stages of walking. So I was so happy to find these bargain shoes in a larger size.

Harvey’s closet is officially full. Plus his drawers are overflowing. I have put myself on a shopping ban since 90% of his clothes have only been worn once, or not even at all. I must have some sort of addiction though because within hours of deciding no more winter clothes for Harvey I was online shopping for Summer and next Winter. I can’t help myself!

He has 60 coat hangers in his closet (I originally purchased 40 but went and got some more when my habit started getting bad) I only use them for items that fit, and all pants, leggings and PJ’s are in drawers and yet every single hanger is being used. If I was up to date with washing I wouldn’t have enough.. hold on that sounds like a good excuse to put off doing the washing!

I tossed up buying more hangers, but decided more hanging items probably wouldn’t actually fit, so instead started the shopping ban. It’s not working out too well, my sister in law joked maybe we should change rooms and Harvey can have our large closet. I actually even pondered it for a split second. I wonder if there is a kids clothes buying anonymous? Although it’s probably for the best there isn’t – it would probably turn into a rag trade and we would skip meetings to go shopping together..

Harvey is wearing:
Fox Hat – Gift
Cotton On Leggings – 2 for $20
Target Cardi – Was part of a set last winter
Country Road Henley Top – $29.95

Little Red Fire Engine

Harvey was given a gorgeous little red fire engine for his birthday. He loves pushing it in and out of his teepee, and using it as a rocking horse, but his feet can’t quite reach the ground to use it as a car yet… soon.

I think he looks beyond adorable playing with it. Add a baby scarf and suspenders to the mix and it’s killer cute.

I went to H & M like 4 times with that long sleeve onesie on my list and it was never there. Finally on my last visit they were on the shelf, I couldn’t have picked one up faster.

It’s a great weight. I was a little confused by the sizing so I just grabbed the biggest one – It’s a little big but nothing he won’t grow into. Just gives him longer to wear it really.

The little scarf was a $2.80 with free shipping ebay find. I buy a few things like that – sometimes you win, sometimes they are dodgy as can be but for $2.80 it’s not a huge loss. This one was a win, I think I will order it in red too!

Harvey is wearing:
H & M Long Sleeve Onesie – $6.95
Zara Baby pants – $34.95
Scarf and Hat – Ebay cheapies
Deary Me Moccs

Wine Tasting

We spent a rainy day last week with the family in the Yarra Valley. We were lucky that the rain pretty much meant we had every place to ourselves, which meant lots of attention for our little guy.

Lee and I are wine tasting fans, it’s probably our favourite thing to do. Lee is a red lover, and I am obsessed with dessert wines. We took a bit of a break from our favourite past time while I was pregnant for obvious reasons, but now that we are back in business and live less than an hour from the Yarra we plan on making a trip whenever we can. So feel free to send any Yarra winery suggestions my way!

We had lunch at Healesville pub which was so lovely, I had the cabonara and it was the best I have had in yonks. Afternoon tea was of course at the Yarra Valley Chocolate Company – I have posted about this place before, if you haven’t been go now!

The husbands family love their bubbles so Chandon was our last stop. I didn’t taste here but everyone else was impressed. While we were there the most gorgeous double rainbow appeared. Even the old Iphone captured it just fine.

I was COLD! But mostly you are inside and it’s nothing lots of layers can’t fix. After living in Victoria 2 years I think I am finally used to the cold. The first winter we lived here I practically hibernated.. and when I wasn’t inside I was complaining.

Harvey wore:

H & M Cream jumper – $19.95
Cotton On Black Leggings – 2 for $20
H & M Faux Suade Boots -$12.95
Target Grey Coat  – A birthday gift. I love this!
Baby Gap Hat – $12 on sale

Not a bad way to spend a day.


Zoo Day

We had some family stay on after Harvey’s party. Having visitors is always a good chance to get out and about, and we spent one of the days at the zoo.

We are zoo regulars, since we have a membership (A must have if you live in Melbourne and have children) but I don’t normally take my camera, but with the family here I lugged it along and grabbed a few snaps.

Some days you can go to the zoo and it’s a bit of a snore, some enclosures are closed, most of the animals are asleep in the back corner of their exhibits etc We were lucky though that this day was a great zoo day – all the animals seemed to put on a show for us – starting with this Tiger who stopped and stared straight at Harvey (that red in the reflection is his pram)

Harvey’s loves the butterflies – it’s seems to be most little ones favourite.

But a new favourite was added on this trip when we took him into the Seals

Harvey is wearing a shirt and cardi set from Target – I think it was $18 from memory. It came with a tie too, but he hasn’t worn it yet. He also is wearing his $6 jeggings from the girl section of Kmart (I am almost devasteted he is now wearing the biggest size they come in) and baby volleys $15 from Big W. The hat is mine from sportsgirl, when my mum was babysitting a few months ago she saw it and assumed it was his, and he has been wearing it ever since. Probably cuter on him anyway!

We finished off the visit with a trip through Lemur island. I got in trouble for letting Harvs get too close to a Lemur -Oops! I had assumed they were fairly timid since they have an open exhibit, but I would rather be yelled at to not get so close then have him bitten by one I guess!

I am a bit behind on the toy sale craziness – I had a look on the Big W website last night and tossed up doing a christmas laybuy but I have no idea what to get. He will be 1 1/2 at Christmas which is too little for the 2+ toys but he already has tonnes of little toddler toys.. any ideas?

Pyjama pants

When Harvey was a little baby he had a few little pj sets that I put on him for every day wear.. Like this one

Purebaby PJ set worn with a Purbaby cardi.

At the time I said he could just get away with it while he was little and it would have to end when he grew. But at 1 he is still rocking pj sets as outfits.

(Today’s post is all iPhone shots – I forgot my camera and keep missing outfits because I don’t take pics, so I think I will just use iPhone when the camera isn’t about from now)

This pj pant and tops (which has a teepee on it – I’ll definitely put it in an outfit soon) set was on sale for $7 – BARGAIN!

I think the matching pj and pants would maybe be a little obvious but teamed with his H & M knit and Purebaby collared onesie it’s cute as can be.

If it isn’t flannelette or a onesie, it doesn’t count as PJ’s in my book.