Big Day Out

My husband and I like to pretend our lives haven’t hugely changed since having a baby. In some ways life hasn’t changed much – we still enjoy going out for drinks, we still love to entertain, we often go away, and thanks to being blessed with a good sleeper we still get plenty of quality alone time.

In many other ways our lives are totally different. Last week we tripped to the Yarra Valley (we don’t live far) and didn’t visit 1 winery. Which for us is unheard of.

We went to Healesville Sanctuary. It was a great day, and we still snuck in a visit to the Yarra Valley Chocolate shop – which is always a must (that place is heaven on earth)

Harvs loved the Koalas, and of course the Ducks. I think I have talked about our Zoo memberships before. If you live in Melbourne and have children they are a must. We go to the Zoo around two to three times each month. It’s a great day out, and with the membership it doesn’t cost a bomb.

Harvey is wearing:
Cotton On Onesie and Leggings – 2 for $20
H & M Faux Suade Boots – $12.95
H & M Cardi – $9.95
Lima Bean Bandana Bib
H & M Hat and Mittens – $12.95

(how ridiculously spunky are my boys!?)



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