See My Vest

This post will be fairly wordless – I am too busy singing “see my vest, see my vest etc etc” in my head to think of writing.

This Target vest is too cute. I almost bought a puffer vest in Seed the other day but I recently put a “no more shopping until his birthday” ban on myself. I updated my own winter wardrobe in the last few weeks for something different.


I really like the vest 😉

Harvs is wearing:
Target Baby puffer vest – $15 (plus they have 20% off at the moment)
Bonds Stretchies Leggings – $13.95 (and Bonds have 40% off at the moment)
Target Long sleeve onesie – 3 for $15
H & M Faux Suade Boots – $12


One thought on “See My Vest

  1. I can’t resist a cute puffer vest either. My daughter has a few yet it hasn’t been so cold yet here in Queensland to wear them :-/ soon…

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