Just a little party with a few people and cake we said. We lied.

Harvey’s little party turned into an extravaganza and it’s all my fault. I can’t help myself when it comes to this stuff.

Party planning started just after Christmas. Harvs had been given a gorgeous geometric blanket made by his clever aunty and I suddenly felt inspired. I started planning a party with a geometric theme in aqua, teal, black and white. It really doesn’t need to be said that I have far too much time on my hands.

You can see the blanket draped over the chair in this shot. I absolutely adore it.

We printed invitations and quickly realized between our friends & family this wouldn’t be a sweet little party. We moved interstate a couple of years ago, so when more than  a few friends and family said they were coming from NSW we were stoked. But it blew out the 20ish people we imagined would come to more like 45 (plus kids) Go big or go home I say!

We gave Harvey a teepee for his birthday. I had it made by the lovely Polkadee – you can find her on facebook HERE. I love the end result – and so does Harvey. He crawls in and out of it and parks his shiny new Fire Engine (from my mum) in there.

I slowly crafted and picked up bits and pieces for the party over the last few months. I love getting crafty, even though I am not particularly good at it! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my crafting fails. I cut out a number 1 backwards, then repeated the mistake when I put together this banner, then turned it around and realized I had spelled out YEVRAH. Oh dear.

Lucky it was a quick fix!

I spent hours cutting and folding tissue paper to make a big pom pom installment over our dining table. The day before the party just flew and I wasn’t getting it done. My sister in laws came to the rescue and put this together – Looked great. Talented ladies they are.

I made the cake myself – since my usual cake maker is interstate. I am certainly no great baker – so I grabbed 4 coles uniced sponge cakes and smothered them in buttercream. I made Harvey’s “smash” cake the same way – it’s such a simple way to make an impressive looking cake. If I can do it anyone can!

Thank goodness I was able to get my usual cake maker at Nicki’s Cake Design (located in Sydney) to make me some cupcakes and send down with my mum. They were, as always, a massive hit. She made the cake topper above too – Love it!

Another massive hit was the triangle and “1” cookies from You’re My Hero Bakes (located in Doreen) They are beyond delicious.

I filled the rest of the sweets table with lollies, mashmellows, popcorn and of course fairy bread. I was really happy with how it turned out. Especially after spending hours cutting out those triangles.

We did simple food for the rest – party pies, sausage rolls, little boys (haha) and pastries. Items that required little prep so no one was stuck in the kitchen all day.

Harvey had a blast. I barely saw him the whole party, he was too busy working the room. He totally didn’t get why everyone was singing to him.. which explains the look on his face here – He was just wondering why we had taken him away from playing with all his friends.

He was BEYOND spoiled. I have some serious thank you card writing to get to soon.

This is how excited I got over this fox hat. I plan to make every outfit match this from now on.

Harvey’s outfit proved to be a challenge. Because it is winter there wasn’t a lot of dressy items around. Harvey was given this love Target vest and I went from there – matching him into the theme. The bow tie was $1 including shipping on Ebay. Score!

Harvey is wearing:
Zara Baby White Shirt – $19.95
Target Vest – Gift
Target Aqua Jeans – $12
Deary Me Moccasins – from etsy

In the end I was so glad we threw Harvey a big bash. All 3 of us had a great time. Our family stayed on a little too so it made for a fantastic week showing everyone around. After all you only get 1 first Birthday. Next year we will just keep it simple with a little cake and a few friends. Ha!



Umm.. so I wrote this last week with the plan to post it on his birthday. That day was absolutely crazy (in a good way) and I never got a chance.. so please just pretend this was posted on Friday. Ta!

Today he is 1. I would love to re-live many moments in life, but I would give anything to relive the past year. It wasn’t always roses, sometimes it was tough, but it was amazing as a whole.

One year ago we didn’t know what we were in for, in the challenges that parenthood would bring of course, but mostly in the love and joy that this little one would give us. My heart feels like it has grown ten times at least. Thinking about life before or without Harvey gives me a lump in my throat, butterflies in my tummy, and brings tears to my eyes. He has given me a content feeling that I just can’t explain.

Harvey at 1. We had his nurse check up the other day, and our usual nurse was sick. The new nurse commented several times she couldn’t believe how happy a little chap he was. And that pretty much sums up whoever meets Harvey’s comments. He has always been, and remains the happiest little person. I would like to say it’s a reflection of our parenting, but it really isn’t. He was just born with that personality. He was the coolest and calmest little newborn, and that has stayed with him until now.

Harvey has 12 words: Dad, Mum, bub, duck, light, that, there, truck, no (his favourite) yeah, yay, and nan. He isn’t walking yet but 2 days before his first birthday he took a step, and he has been surfing the furniture confidently for some time now so I don’t think it will be long. He loves ducks, and trucks. He kisses EVERYONE, especially other babies. He loves music and dancing, I call his dancing “zombie baby dancing” – he holds both arms out Michael Jackson Thriller style and twists side to side, he loves bopping along to music too. He loves books, and pretends to read them chatting in baby talk and turning the pages. We were very lucky parents whose baby slept through the night very young (from around 6 weeks) and he still is now (knock on wood) he sleeps 7-8amish plus 2 day sleeps. His favorite foods are weetbix and yoghurt. He hasn’t had a lot but he is a big fan of chocolate. He loved smashing his cake, but didn’t actually eat a lot of it. He has become very fond of jumping on his bed – I probably shouldn’t encourage it but I find it adorable. His giggle gives me butterflies.

He still has the cubbiest little cheeks I have ever seen. He is SUCH a Harvey. We went into birth having 3 shortlisted names for each boys and girls but hadn’t decided on which one we would use yet – when they put him on my chest I said “hello Harvey” without even thinking. He was just meant to be Harvey.

No longer my baby, and yet my baby forever. I feel so bittersweet for today – I have no doubt there will be tears, both happy and sad. I felt like I waited a life time to meet my little baby, and before I knew it he wasn’t a baby anymore. And yet at the same time watching him grow and learn is the happiest feeling in the world.

I couldn’t be more proud of my son. He has made us parents, a family, and happier then we ever knew we could be.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. We love you more than you will ever know xxx

Big Day Out

My husband and I like to pretend our lives haven’t hugely changed since having a baby. In some ways life hasn’t changed much – we still enjoy going out for drinks, we still love to entertain, we often go away, and thanks to being blessed with a good sleeper we still get plenty of quality alone time.

In many other ways our lives are totally different. Last week we tripped to the Yarra Valley (we don’t live far) and didn’t visit 1 winery. Which for us is unheard of.

We went to Healesville Sanctuary. It was a great day, and we still snuck in a visit to the Yarra Valley Chocolate shop – which is always a must (that place is heaven on earth)

Harvs loved the Koalas, and of course the Ducks. I think I have talked about our Zoo memberships before. If you live in Melbourne and have children they are a must. We go to the Zoo around two to three times each month. It’s a great day out, and with the membership it doesn’t cost a bomb.

Harvey is wearing:
Cotton On Onesie and Leggings – 2 for $20
H & M Faux Suade Boots – $12.95
H & M Cardi – $9.95
Lima Bean Bandana Bib
H & M Hat and Mittens – $12.95

(how ridiculously spunky are my boys!?)


Party Planning and Reminiscing

Things have been a little quiet here lately – we are busy planning a party! I have been meaning to do a party post but keep forgetting to take pictures so you may just have to hold out for after the day. I have decorations ready and stashed away, we have had our cake smash, and I have a shopping list for food ready to go. I feel pretty prepared although I will still no doubt be madly busy in the lead up to the party.

The party approaching has me totally nostalgic. I wish I knew where this last year went, it has been amazing but FAST! Today one year ago Lee and I went to the hospital for my booked induction. I was being induced as the baby was measuring rather large (they were estimating over 5kg!) and they had warned me I may have trouble giving birth. I was a ball of nerves and anxiety – I saw 2 year olds and imagined giving birth to a baby that size. I was so relieved my induction date had come – pregnancy had not been easy on me. I had been extremely ill the first half, and for the 2nd half my back and hip pain gradually got to the point where I struggled to walk. I loved being pregnant and feeling my little baby move, and shove it’s foot into my side, but it certainly was far harder then I had dreamed about.

I hardly slept the night before my induction. We arrived at hospital at 7am and I was checked in and sent up for monitoring. Our little wriggle pot always had the monitor happy. The midwife told us they were extremely busy that day and because I wasn’t considered an emergency I would probably go last. So we waited. And waited. Lunch time came and they sent us off for lunch and told us to come back in a couple of hours. We came back and waited some more.

Then I got called in – I was so relieved. The Obstetrician then told me due to how busy they were they had decided to cancel my induction. Cue tears. She then gave me an examination and said she didn’t feel like the baby was all that big, and due to the set up of their inductions I wouldn’t be able to be re-booked until next week – my due date. Cue hysterical sobbing and me imagining a giant baby tearing me in two. They offered me a Councillor because I was such a wreck but I just needed to go home. We arrived home and I laid in bed and cried and cried. I switched my phone off – because we had told our families about the induction and I was getting msgs to ask how things were going.

I think I slept for about 14 hours – which was a record from my whole pregnancy.. and then I woke up completely calm, this sudden feeling had come over me that everything was going to be fine and I totally relaxed. I had been so worked up and worried for weeks and suddenly everything felt fine. We enjoyed our last week of ‘just us’ – we ate out lots, went for tonnes of walks (in an attempt to bring on baby) and we watched a heap of movies. It was a really lovely time.

I arrived for induction take 2 far calmer, although I did tell them if they tried to send me home again I would be staging a sit in and not leaving until I had a baby. They didn’t and the next day we had our beautiful baby in our arms after a fairly easy birth. I tell people worried about giving birth that I thought birth was a relief after pregnancy – I would honestly do it a million times over. But I guess that’s another story.

He was more than worth the wait.

See My Vest

This post will be fairly wordless – I am too busy singing “see my vest, see my vest etc etc” in my head to think of writing.

This Target vest is too cute. I almost bought a puffer vest in Seed the other day but I recently put a “no more shopping until his birthday” ban on myself. I updated my own winter wardrobe in the last few weeks for something different.


I really like the vest 😉

Harvs is wearing:
Target Baby puffer vest – $15 (plus they have 20% off at the moment)
Bonds Stretchies Leggings – $13.95 (and Bonds have 40% off at the moment)
Target Long sleeve onesie – 3 for $15
H & M Faux Suade Boots – $12

A How To

Getting pictures of my very mobile tot is becoming more and more of a challenge. Surely I am not alone in this? I take lots of candids – on the swings, in our arms, inside climbing on furniture.. but they aren’t really what I have in mind to blog. So here is how we generally get Harvey’s outfit photos.

Step 1:
You will need two people – generally it’s my husband. Bless that man he has some serious patience. Husband places baby down in position I point to, I already have my camera set how I want it because I know I will need to be fast.

Step 2:
Have Husband run out of shot. Quickly. Harvey is clapping here because he has realised we are about to play his favourite game – dodge mum’s camera.

Step 3:
Baby will immediately look at his Daddy. I take a picture because I think that is sweet.

Step 4:
Have Daddy stand behind me because I would rather he be looking at the camera.

Step 5:
Baby will crawl away – have husband grab him quickly because crawling and outdoors = filthy knees, and we are generally on our way out.

Step 6:
Repeat steps 1 through 5 again. Same results.

After this I generally give up and get a shot of Harvey standing just in case none of the sitting ones worked.

.. and generally there is a few little magic shots in there from our 5 minutes of the game. Like this one.

This one kills me.

Harvey is wearing:
Best and Less Fox tee – $8
Zara Pants (suspenders off) – $34.95
Target Vest – This was a gift
My First Volleys – $15