Sunny Winter Days

I think the best days are sunny but not hot.. so the weather lately has been a real treat!

We have been hitting the park and enjoying the outdoors. My Husband works afternoon shifts, so Harvey and I often will head out as he heads to work. Harvs loves the outdoors more and more every day and I am letting him explore more too – I can’t wait for him to walk purely because the dirty knees are driving me crazy!

Now that it gets dark earlier the days are getting so fast. Our average at home day tends to go like this. These are a little rough, we don’t run a super tight ship, but it would average out to be somewhere around these times:

8am: Harvey awake, I bring him into bed for cuddles and a feed.
9am: Up to start the day. Harvey plays while I eat my breakfast
9:30am: Harvey has his breakfast (weet-bix if you were curious – he eats 3 some days!) followed by some more play time
10:30am: Story, song and bed. Me time. I edit photos, blog, waste time on FB and tidy the house (sometimes!)
12:30pm: Harvey up. He plays while I get his lunch ready.
1pm: Harvey has his lunch (either a sandwich, muffins, banana pancakes, fish, cruskits)
2pm: Breastfeed, story, song and bedtime
4pm: Up. This is when we generally take a stroll to the park, or go play with the puppies.
5pm: Home, Play time and dinner preperation
5:30pm: Harvey has his dinner
6pm: Bath time
6:30pm: This is when we watch In The Night Garden, or as I call it – Baby Crack. I give Harvey his last feed for the day during this time.
7pm: Harvey into bed for the night

Someone has started to stand on his own recently.. exciting times ahead!

Harvey is Wearing:

Knitted jumper gifted from a lovely friend and made by her mum
Target Jeans
H & M Hat
Seed Heritage Shoes


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