Fly Little Guy Feature

Today we (Harvey and I) are featured on Fly Little Guy  for mothers day.

This Sunday is my first Mothers Day and I am rather looking forward to it. We are currently interstate so will be enjoying the day by the coast.. I dare say there will be a picnic involved. It feels odd for this to be my first mothers day since I have been doing this mum thing a little while now.

Has anyone seen that Hardest Job In The World video getting around? I can’t decide how I feel about it.. I know I haven’t hit the ‘hard’ bits yet (hello terrible 2’s!) but I feel like being Harvey’s mum is the easiest job in the world. Sure it has some challenges and it certainly has had it’s moments. But I have never wanted anything more than to be his mum.. and being his mum brings me more joy then I ever knew possible. So how could I call it a job!

I know I said it already but it needs to be said again. Get in photos with your kids, they grow far too quickly to not have it captured forever.

In other news.. today makes 5 years since my lovely Husband and I said I do! We celebrated it a few days ago with a trip to the Wine Country. I can’t believe how fast 5 years has gone. Here we are dancing on our big day.. feels like yesterday and yet somehow I lifetime ago.

I have been posting lots of shots of our trip on my instagram, as you do, you can follow me if you like – hopecummins_whatharveywore (link to the side of my blog)


Don’t forget to head to Fly Little Guy Here and leave us some comment love!

Til next time!


ps. Totally forgot to add Harvey’s outfit info.. but there is bacon and eggs calling my name so I will pop back to do it later.



2 thoughts on “Fly Little Guy Feature

  1. Just gorgeous you two! Congratulations on your 5 year Wedding Anniversary and have a wonderful first Mother’s Day on Sunday xoxo

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