In this family stripes are not optional. I adore them.

On more than one occasion I have had someone comment how cute it is that my baby and I are matching.. and I hadn’t even realised. On more than one occasion we have been out and about when my husband or I have realised we are all wearing similar stripes. It’s slightly embarrassing, but when I shop for the 3 of us it’s bound to happen. It happened again just the other day with this outfit – Harveys hat and my top were perfect together (see below)

Stripes aren’t my only love. I love chevron and spots too. And my current obsession – geometric. So it’s hardly surprising that Harvey owns these pants in the two colours they came in.


These next few shots kill me. He points at everything now and calls everything ‘that’, well except for ducks (and swans and water) and lights.

He also knows ‘up’

This one. Kills me.

And here we are in our matching stripes..

Growing up my mum hated having her picture taken (still does) and now I have hardly any shots of her and I. I think it’s so important to have happy memories of you and your parents and whenever I shoot kids I really encourage parents to get into the shots, so here I am leading by example. Get in photos with your kids people, you aren’t getting any younger.

Preparations are under way for a 1st Birthday party. How did that happen? I will share more soon, but don’t be surprised if triangles and stripes are involved.

Harvey is wearing:

Bonds Hoodie – $19.95 – Link is the new colourway
Bonds Stretchies Leggings – $14.95
Striped Hat – Made my a talented aunty (Oh I wish I could sew!)
H & M Knitted Cardi – $9.95

I am wearing:
H & M Jersey Top – $17.95
Cotton On 5 PKT Coated Skinny Jean – $49.95


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