La de da de da

This is the shot I get if I start to sing “But we all know frogs go…” He loves it, and it’s the only way I can keep him still for a photo. Win Win.


I can’t get enough of these Cotton On Cross leggings. Obsessed.


Harvey is wearing:

Cotton On Leggings: 2 for $20 (can’t find them on-line but they are still in store)
Bonds Hoodie – $19 (Harvs wears this all the time, No longer on the website but I spotted them in Brands United the other day for $10)
Beau Hudson “Oh Deer” Bandini – $14.50. Another regular. This one just goes with everything.

In other news we upgraded cars this week. Our old Commodore served us well for 8 1/2 years but it was definitely time for out with the old and in with the new. I actually cried when we got rid of our old car, it has been through so much with us – our honeymoon, many road trips, lord knows how many Melb – Syd trips during moving then visiting family, and most tear jerking was that this car drove our baby home from hospital. SOB! But I am sure our new car has many adventures ahead. We picked up a 2 year old Turbo Diesel Mondeo and so far we are loving it.


The Mohawk

With some baby lotion and determination I manage to spike Harvey’s hair into a mohawk.

It’s wispy but it’s there.

Someone took my baby and gave me this little boy. I love him even more!

Harvey is getting so cheeky. He shakes his head and says no to almost everything. Particular when it comes to water – he is a little fishy. Wanna get out of the bath? NO. Time to get out of the pool? No.

We haven’t been up to much lately, so I haven’t had many outfits to post. I have been working on some birthday crafts though. Not long to go now.

Harvey is Wearing:
Cotton On Bandana Bib – A gift from his lovely aunty
H and M Jumper – $9.95
Target Baby Jeans – $15
Baby Vans – $15

Sunny Winter Days

I think the best days are sunny but not hot.. so the weather lately has been a real treat!

We have been hitting the park and enjoying the outdoors. My Husband works afternoon shifts, so Harvey and I often will head out as he heads to work. Harvs loves the outdoors more and more every day and I am letting him explore more too – I can’t wait for him to walk purely because the dirty knees are driving me crazy!

Now that it gets dark earlier the days are getting so fast. Our average at home day tends to go like this. These are a little rough, we don’t run a super tight ship, but it would average out to be somewhere around these times:

8am: Harvey awake, I bring him into bed for cuddles and a feed.
9am: Up to start the day. Harvey plays while I eat my breakfast
9:30am: Harvey has his breakfast (weet-bix if you were curious – he eats 3 some days!) followed by some more play time
10:30am: Story, song and bed. Me time. I edit photos, blog, waste time on FB and tidy the house (sometimes!)
12:30pm: Harvey up. He plays while I get his lunch ready.
1pm: Harvey has his lunch (either a sandwich, muffins, banana pancakes, fish, cruskits)
2pm: Breastfeed, story, song and bedtime
4pm: Up. This is when we generally take a stroll to the park, or go play with the puppies.
5pm: Home, Play time and dinner preperation
5:30pm: Harvey has his dinner
6pm: Bath time
6:30pm: This is when we watch In The Night Garden, or as I call it – Baby Crack. I give Harvey his last feed for the day during this time.
7pm: Harvey into bed for the night

Someone has started to stand on his own recently.. exciting times ahead!

Harvey is Wearing:

Knitted jumper gifted from a lovely friend and made by her mum
Target Jeans
H & M Hat
Seed Heritage Shoes

Cross or a Plus

Are these pants a cross or a plus? Either way I love them.

I took up the Cotton On offer of 2 Leggings for $20 and grabbed these and a plain black pair. I maintain that tights as pants are ok if you are under 10.


I obviously didn’t have the energy to make Harvey pose for these.. Teething is not being kind to us.

We just got back from our trip and I am spent. I need a holiday to get over our holiday. Planning for Harvey’s first birthday party is well underway, will share more soon!

Harvey is Wearing:
Cotton On Baby Legging – 2 for $20

Bonds Cardi – Some other colours are now on sale for $12.. I might need to pop into Bonds soon!

H & M Boots – $12.95

Gap Hat

Kisses For All

We attended a Christening recently for a lovely little lady. It was a great day.

Our little guy enjoyed it thoroughly. He kissed every baby he could get his hands on. I think maybe he has a future in politics? Haha
Just about anyone will get a kiss from Harvey – just give him a little attention and he will come leaning in with a big open mouth ready for a pash.

This little Big W Cardi is beyond cute. Paired with Harvey’s navy chinos and his newsboy hat it made for a perfect Christening outfit.

Harvey wore:

Big W Cardigan – $13
Purebaby collared onesie
Target Navy Chinos – $12
Seed Shoes – $39
Bebe by Minihaha News Boy Hat – $24.95

Fly Little Guy Feature

Today we (Harvey and I) are featured on Fly Little Guy  for mothers day.

This Sunday is my first Mothers Day and I am rather looking forward to it. We are currently interstate so will be enjoying the day by the coast.. I dare say there will be a picnic involved. It feels odd for this to be my first mothers day since I have been doing this mum thing a little while now.

Has anyone seen that Hardest Job In The World video getting around? I can’t decide how I feel about it.. I know I haven’t hit the ‘hard’ bits yet (hello terrible 2’s!) but I feel like being Harvey’s mum is the easiest job in the world. Sure it has some challenges and it certainly has had it’s moments. But I have never wanted anything more than to be his mum.. and being his mum brings me more joy then I ever knew possible. So how could I call it a job!

I know I said it already but it needs to be said again. Get in photos with your kids, they grow far too quickly to not have it captured forever.

In other news.. today makes 5 years since my lovely Husband and I said I do! We celebrated it a few days ago with a trip to the Wine Country. I can’t believe how fast 5 years has gone. Here we are dancing on our big day.. feels like yesterday and yet somehow I lifetime ago.

I have been posting lots of shots of our trip on my instagram, as you do, you can follow me if you like – hopecummins_whatharveywore (link to the side of my blog)


Don’t forget to head to Fly Little Guy Here and leave us some comment love!

Til next time!


ps. Totally forgot to add Harvey’s outfit info.. but there is bacon and eggs calling my name so I will pop back to do it later.



In this family stripes are not optional. I adore them.

On more than one occasion I have had someone comment how cute it is that my baby and I are matching.. and I hadn’t even realised. On more than one occasion we have been out and about when my husband or I have realised we are all wearing similar stripes. It’s slightly embarrassing, but when I shop for the 3 of us it’s bound to happen. It happened again just the other day with this outfit – Harveys hat and my top were perfect together (see below)

Stripes aren’t my only love. I love chevron and spots too. And my current obsession – geometric. So it’s hardly surprising that Harvey owns these pants in the two colours they came in.


These next few shots kill me. He points at everything now and calls everything ‘that’, well except for ducks (and swans and water) and lights.

He also knows ‘up’

This one. Kills me.

And here we are in our matching stripes..

Growing up my mum hated having her picture taken (still does) and now I have hardly any shots of her and I. I think it’s so important to have happy memories of you and your parents and whenever I shoot kids I really encourage parents to get into the shots, so here I am leading by example. Get in photos with your kids people, you aren’t getting any younger.

Preparations are under way for a 1st Birthday party. How did that happen? I will share more soon, but don’t be surprised if triangles and stripes are involved.

Harvey is wearing:

Bonds Hoodie – $19.95 – Link is the new colourway
Bonds Stretchies Leggings – $14.95
Striped Hat – Made my a talented aunty (Oh I wish I could sew!)
H & M Knitted Cardi – $9.95

I am wearing:
H & M Jersey Top – $17.95
Cotton On 5 PKT Coated Skinny Jean – $49.95