Things I Said I’d Never..

Before I became a parent I had spent a lot of time planning the kind of parent I wanted to be. There were lots of rules I knew I would never break.


And I have broken almost all of them. Here is a selection (that I am willing to admit to)

I won’t become a crazy pregnant woman
I broke this one even before I became a parent. I think (my husband probably doesn’t agree) I was doing ok right up until I spent 9 hours in hospital at 39 weeks waiting to be induced (and being told every 30 minutes it would be soon) only for them to change their minds and send me home until my due date. God bless my husband. He is a saint for putting up with me that week. I became a raving lunatic.

I won’t stress over breastfeeding
I went into it with (in my opinion) completely the right attitude. I would try to breastfeed, but it’s not for everyone and I wouldn’t stress if I couldn’t. But I did stress, then they tell you not to stress because it will stop your milk, so you stress more about being stressed.
I think maybe if words like “superwoman” weren’t given to women who breastfeed we would all be feeling a lot better – Breastfeeding is great! But sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.. all women who feed their babies are superwomen in my book. I was lucky that I could breastfeed but I am certainly no bloody superwoman for it, just an average mum who fed her baby however she could.
I cried many a times over breast milk. First it hurt, then he was feeding for 2 hours at a time and I was going to another room to do it (we had visitors or were visiting other a lot in those first weeks) which led to me spending half the day in a room on my own listening to everyone else chat through the walls. Then we went through breast refusal, where my baby would scream and try to wriggle away whenever I tried to feed him. I persisted and I am still feeding him today, but it wasn’t the carefree attitude I wanted to have.

I will never be embarrassed about feeding my baby in public
I never have a problem with anyone feeding their baby in public, in fact I really support it. But I just couldn’t do it myself. I am rather top heavy (nicest way I could put it) and it just was way too awkward for me. Not only did I feel uncomfortable, I looked clumsy and like I had no idea what I was doing. I did end up feeding in front of family – because those hours alone in a room really did me in after a while. But I could never bring myself to feed out and about. I would find a parents room or we would give Harvey a bottle of expressed milk or formula. I am really happy with how it all worked out, because we never had any issues getting Harvs to take a bottle later on. If I ever have another baby I will 100% not change a thing on this.

I won’t become a person that always talks about my baby
It just happens.

I won’t compare my baby reaching it’s milestones to other babies
I swear I haven’t done this much.. but I think it’s pretty natural. None the less it’s a rule I have broken

I’ll never let my baby sleep in our bed
We have stuck to this one fairly well but our original plan was for it to be our no. 1 rule. My husband is a shift worker, and I am a terrible sleeper.. so co-sleeping just wouldn’t have worked for us, and we didn’t want to set habits we would need to break. So we were 1000% sure we would never let our baby sleep in our bed. Ever. Reality? Every morning when Harvs wakes up I bring him into our bed to feed and have a snuggle. It is without a doubt my favourite part of the day. Harvey doesn’t like to sleep in our bed (I am guessing because we have been pretty strict along the way that our bed isn’t for him sleeping) but occasionally he does dose off. And they are my absolute favourite mornings, lazing about with my 2 favourite people in the world.

I won’t let my baby watch TV
Fail. After bath time I pop ABC kids on for 15 minutes right before the bed routine (milk, story, song, sleep) almost every night. It’s a good chill out time that will generally give me a few minutes to clean up dinner.

We won’t use a dummy (Pacifier)
LOL! We lasted about 12 days I think, using our pinky instead (our lactation consultant had told us to do this to help with his tongue tie, and baby got hooked) When we realised we could replace our pinky with an item not connected to us and sleep we were more than ready to break this rule.


We will stop using a dummy by 6 months
He still has it for bed. He sleeps well, and if it aint broke….

I won’t let my house turn into a pre-school (and be overrun with toys)
To be fair I am not really the only person to blame for this.. Harvey is a very lucky boy and has been spoiled. But slowly my house is morphing into a play centre

I won’t think my baby is the OMG CUTEST BABY EVER
Well I do. Rule Shattered. Show me a cuter baby and I won’t agree with you. I think it’s built into our DNA so we still love our children when they annoy us.

I won’t post too many pictures of my baby on Facebook
This one may have been something I was vocal about. Well that’s embarrassing now! To be fair, I hadn’t realised that he would be OMG THE CUTEST BABY EVER..

I won’t start a mummy blog
HA! Not working for over a year seriously leads to insanity. But bugger it. I like my little blog and updating it is fun so why the hell not do it. I love putting outfits on my boy and from my last point I clearly need somewhere else to share it all or my Facebook friends will all un-friend me. I am sure some people would have negative things to say about it, but the older I get, and the happier I get the less I care. I don’t spend all my time being negative about other people because I would rather dedicate that time to just being happy – so I really just feel sad for people who dedicate so much time to negativity… Live and let live and all that 😉


Harvey is wearing:
Big W Long Sleeve Onesie – A gift from an aunty

Big W Hooded Cardi – $18

Target Jeans – $5 last year on sale

H & M Faux Suede Boots – $12.95


2 thoughts on “Things I Said I’d Never..

  1. We all give in. The TV one is the main one I am guilty of. It is such a nice little break to get stuff done…or just sit and relax for a few minutes.

  2. I can relate to so many of these! As a new mum I am only just discovering how naive I was… The breastfeeding In particular, I had exactly the same attitude going into it, but after some supply issues I was a mess. So much guilt and so many tears. In hindsight it was so silly!

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