Long Weekends

Hooray for long weekends! My husband is a shift worker, so we really don’t get long weekends but we made the most of the lack of traffic, and available parking and headed to St Kilda for the day.

First we popped to Albert Park to check out some ducks. It’s Harvey’s new favourite word and he could be heard squealing “duck duck duck duck” while pointing at a swan. Next stop is totally a selective school 😉

It’s such a nice spot to go for a stroll. I lead by example and kept my hat on all day.

Then we headed over to St Kilda for brunch. I got depressed browsing the shops (everything in that postcode is a size 8!) but I was quickly cheered back up by Luna Park. I immediately regretted the large brunch as soon as I spotted some fairy floss. Next time.

Luna park is awesome when you are 27, it’s mind blowing when you are 10 months old

Harvs is too little for any rides, so we had some fun in the photo booth. He didn’t quite get the concept.

We strolled across to the beach, and pretty much had it to ourselves. I still can’t believe they call it a beach (that’s the NSW South Coast girl in me) Harvey said duck a few more times, even though there were none in sight, which has me wondering if maybe he thinks duck means water… the schools might have to wait for now.

We finished our day at the park. This smile says it all. Great day.

Harvey is wearing:

H & M Long Sleeved Bodysuit in Black – $6.95

Country Road Baby (girl) Pants – $39.95 (no longer available)

H & M Knitted Cardigan – $9.95

H & M Imitation Suade Boots – $12.95

Beau Hudson “Oh Deer” Bandini – $14.50

Baby Gap Hat – $6.95

and incase you were wondering – I am wearing:
Glassons black skinny jeans
H & M jumper
Sportsgirl beanie
Dangerfield boots (from yonks ago, I can’t find a pair to replace them and mine are falling apart!)


3 thoughts on “Long Weekends

  1. I always like to have rules, and then make sure I break them! I used to have a very strict “no wearing white” rule. Makes us “top heavy” girls look, well, heavy. But, I’m slowly learning how to break it. In a totally good way! Same things apply to motherhood. I think a good rule of thumb is balance!

  2. Harvey is adorable! Your blog makes me want to have a baby and dress him or her adorably! I have a pair of almost identical boots from Wittner that I bought just a couple of weeks ago (already on sale, win) so maybe try there?

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