My New Favourite Store

I couldn’t let the bag be a liar now..

H & M really is my favourite new store. So cheap. So stylish. I need to go again. A few items on my list weren’t in stock so I am planning another trip soon. I picked up a few items for myself as well, but next time I will be more prepared with a wish list for me. There is just so much to look at it’s easy to get a little lost and I came out of the fitting rooms and found about 5 more items I wanted but didn’t really want to go back in, take of boots etc. Oh the problems we face!

Anyway – here is what I did pick up for our little guy. He wore a couple of items on the weekend (post to come!) and the quality seems fantastic.

Cable Knit Jumper – $19.95


Knitted Cardigan – $9.95
(my colour is pretty off in this shot, we have a stained glass window in the room I used to take these – it’s more like the one on the website)

Knitted Jumper – $12.95 (not online)

Black Long Sleeved Bodysuit – $6.95

Hat & Mittens Set – $12.95

And I forgot to take a picture – but I also got these:

Imitation Suade Boots – $12.95


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