Double Denim

Happy long weekend!! Hope you have exciting plans for Easter.

We have been heading to the park more and more these days to break up the boredom of home.  It is so strangely bitter sweet watching him on the swings and see-saw, he is such a little boy now.  This is what the kiddo rocked to the park the other day. He broke a major rule in wearing double denim, but I think he pulls it off.

Look at this – no hat! He actually has hair, not much, but it’s getting there. I have tried combing it over to the side and he giggles at me, I think he knows my efforts are pointless. But I am patient and I will be combing it over in no time.

Harvey is wearing:

Target Baby Chambray Shirt – $10 (on sale – can’t find it on line but have spotted plenty in store) Here is a similar one

Kmart Jeggings – $6

Lima Bean Bandana Bib – $13.95

Puppy Shoes – A gift from a lovely cousin. How cute are these!!

Baby Gap Hat – $6.95

Home always feels fresher after a visit to the park


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