Just Like Dad

My husband is obsessed with he and Harvey being a matching pair. So when he spotted the “My First Volleys” that looked like a pair of Volleys he also owned it was decided we had to buy them for our boy (normally I make those decisions)

The other day my husband pulled his out and they wore them together. His are pretty scuffed and worse for wear, but I think they make a pretty cute combo in matching jeans and shoes.

I am so happy to feel the weather cooling down, and I am finally able to start pulling out some winter items for our little guy (and having an excuse to shop for more!)

This boy is getting FAST! Capturing photos of him is not as easy as it used to be, but I am up for the challenge. His little handstands have me thinking it wont be long until he is standing solo. Everything in our home has become something to pull up and walk along, and our baby proofing has been put to the test (and failed in some areas) We are desperately trying to attempt a balance between keeping our home ‘ours’ and it being a safe place for a baby to live. Also known as operation “Let’s not let our house become a pre-school”, maybe I’ll make a post about it…

Harvey is wearing:
Country Road Baby Solid Henley – $24.95

Target Baby Jeans – $15 (these aren’t the same pair, but similar)

Beau Hudson Inca Bandini – $14.50

Dunlop My First Volleys (from Big W) – $15

Hat is a cheapy from ebay

We went to a graduation last week and took Harvey with us. The guide warned children making noises would be asked to leave and I held my breath walking in the doors. But we was great! He loved the lights, and assumed all cheering was for himself and clapped along. We had food and toys on hand to keep him going and we lasted the whole 2 hours. Success! Of course he wore something cute, and I will share some shots in my next post.


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