Nursery Tour

I talk a lot about what Harvey wore (obviously) but I have never shared Harvey’s room on here. It’s been now a year since I put it together I still love it.

It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea (most people pulled a face when I told them I was dreaming of a black cot) but it suits our home, and now even more our boy perfectly. He is vibrant, happy & unique (says his totally non biased mum 😉 ) and I think his room is too.

We didn’t know if Harvey was a He or a She, so decorated the room in ‘neutral’ colours that I loved. I don’t like things to be super feminine or masculine. I am not a girly girl myself- you will find me in black and white stripes almost always, and very rarely do I wear a frill or pink so going neutral suited me just fine.

I was dreaming of a black cot for years before we even knew there was a baby on the way. Within hours of my positive pregnancy test I was googling to see the logistics of shipping a black cot from the states but it wasn’t going to happen. So I started searching. A few weeks later I came across a beautiful wooden cot on ebay and fell madly in love. I checked all of the SIDS cot guidelines to be sure it would be safe. Lots of people would disagree with buying an older cot like mine – this was custom made about 5-10 years ago to replicate a vintage look so it’s not vintage, but it’s certainly not new. But after doing my research and checking the boxes I felt confident I could sleep at night with my bub safely tucked into this cot. It wasn’t black, but I conned my husband into agreeing to paint it and the bidding war began. It received a fair few bids but no way was I giving up a fight and I scored it for under $100, a bargain in my eyes. We picked it up and headed to Bunnings where we purchased all the bits and pieces needed for sanding, priming and painting (we went with non toxic no VOC paint for safety reasons) The hassling of getting my husband to start the job started that week.

6 months later, my bump swelling and nesting well and truly kicked in I finally got him to make his move. And within a week it was Black, moved in and ready for baby.

The drawers are actually from our bedroom suite but I thought they matched perfectly with what we had in mind for the nursery. The set has 2 bedsides and 2 drawers, and we have built in robes, so we really didn’t need it anyway. So it crossed the hall into the babies room.

From there I collected bits and pieces as I went along. I won the Bunting in a Facebook competition (yay!)

The prints above the drawers I designed and printed myself. The print with Harvey’s name sat saying “Baby Name” for most of my pregnancy and I had a few designs ready to go with our boy and girl names. I love that everything that is bright in the room can be changed out. All of the big pieces are blacks and whites. So if I get sick of yellow (which no doubt I will) I can switch them over.. or if we were having a 2nd baby (no plans yet but you never know!) and moving Harvey into a big boy room I could re-do the statement pieces to change it up a bit for a new baby.

The above the cot area was the part I struggled with most. I toyed with a few ideas but worried about anything slightly heavy falling on baby. I spotted a cardboard deer head in typo and figured it was perfect – light and not likely to fall. I fastened it to the wall in 2 sections just to be safe though.

Now Harvey is getting bigger the room is starting to change. A few breakables have just been put away and I have a feeling it won’t be long before he is too big for the change table (so far it is the one spot I can keep his little wriggle bum still for changes but no doubt that won’t last forever) I have some future plans for the room as he grows which is exciting but will be bitter sweet. So many nights I spent in that rocking chair rubbing my tummy feeling him kick with a smile on my face ear to ear about our little baby in that room, and now I am planning a first birthday party. It has gone far too quickly! But I wouldn’t change a single thing. Gosh such a sop!


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