Baby H & M Wishlist

Oh Em Gee. There are a lot of reasons I love living in melbourne, a good chunk of which is the shopping.. and the list is about to grow longer. This weekend H & M opens at the GPO in Melbourne. And I’m excited. And luck would have it I will happen to be in the CBD this weekend. I don’t do well in crowds so I am hoping it’s not too crazy, but I will be baby (and more importantly pram) free so I might be able to squish in at least for a look then pop back to make my purchases when the crowds die down a little. This is my wishlist for Harvey so far:

Set – Bodysuit and Gift box $6.95 Totally couldn’t care less about the gift box, but I love anything with a stripe. Added bonus is it being a bodysuit, my boy is tall and tee’s ride up.

Set – Shirt & Slipover $19.95 For the love of cute. When I used to dream of one day having a boy back in the day I dreamed of shirts and vests just like this.

Knitted Jumper  $12.95 How can this be under $15? I was struggling to find jumpers for winter as so much around has massive fake logos with dumb things written on then like “going camping” or “race driver”.. and I just don’t. get. it. My husband and I have had a few debates lately in Target as to whether a big logo could be unpicked, but I eventually decided if you can’t make it right I’m not buying it.. and now I have H & M so no need to worry!

Cable Knit Jumper – $19.95 Harvey had a similar one to this as a newborn from Baby Gap. I loved it so much and was so upset when he outgrew it, now I can relive his newborn days without forcing him into a 0000 jumper! Here is a pic of my squishy little newborn in his Gap knit on his first visit to a winery. Gosh so teeny. I wonder if I can squeeze that bear hat onto his head this winter..

Imitation Suade Boots $12.95 These are perfect for winter

Set. Hat + Mittens $12.95 There is another set in a navy print.. but lord knows my husband will read this. Just kidding – Adding up those items is around $85 which would buy Harvey 1 outfit tops at some other places I love to shop. There are also a few pairs of pants I have my eye on.. but I couldn’t pick out which ones I liked most so I will leave that until I see it in person and update once I have made it through the counters with my purchases (could take a while, I hear when Zara opened it was insane) I am just so excited to have another good shopping option for my boy. Budget friendly too. No doubt this will have other stores on their A game in no time as well. And I haven’t even looked for myself yet… and I am banning myself from the home section (for now)


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