The Sweetest Little Wedding Guest

I love weddings. I think some people are born with a wedding gene and I got hit with it hard. Lucky for me we have 3 weddings this year.

The last weekend of our trip was spent at a lovely coastal resort to celebrate the union of two of our favourite people. The wedding was spectacular – beautiful bride, gorgeous details, good food, drinks a plenty and wonderful friends. Harvey’s Aunty and Uncle joined us and became his nanny for the trip. I have to say while I love caring for our son and I have never felt it to be a chore, having an actual nanny would be awesome. Oh to be rich and famous (or just rich really)

Although with my OCD I would probably end up like Andrea from Real Housewives of Melbourne (anyone else watching? I am hooked!) Leaving lists and timings etc.

Harvey came along to the ceremony and was so very well behaved. He found parts hilarious and we had to shh him a couple of times, but it was only cute little giggles. No screaming baby needing to be dragged away as I had feared. Phew! We then enjoyed the reception baby free while Harvey hung back at the room, with the nanny 😉

Since he was just coming for the ceremony I had originally planned that Harvs could just wear one of his nicer outfits he already owned. Then I found this Bebe hat and it was all down (up?) hill from there.

After much searching for plain navy suspenders I found a pair at Bardot Jnr that were too long, but a little cutting and stitching fixed that. I had wanted to find Harvey a nice white shirt anyway and Zara did the trick. He already owned the Target pants and Seed shoes so it wasn’t a huge spend for the 15 minutes wear, and he will no doubt wear it all plenty more times.

The kid has some serious Harry (Harvey) High Pants going on here.. I swear this isn’t how I dress him, they must have ridden up!

Harvey is wearing:
Bebe by Minihaha Newsboy Hat – $24.95
Zara Baby White Collared Shirt – $24.95
Bardot Jnr Boys Navy Braces – $14.95
Target Baby Navy Chinos – $12 (The link is to the brown ones)
Seed Heritage Baby Espadrilles – $39.95 (from last season)

And a Family shot for the road


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