Things I Said I’d Never..

Before I became a parent I had spent a lot of time planning the kind of parent I wanted to be. There were lots of rules I knew I would never break.


And I have broken almost all of them. Here is a selection (that I am willing to admit to)

I won’t become a crazy pregnant woman
I broke this one even before I became a parent. I think (my husband probably doesn’t agree) I was doing ok right up until I spent 9 hours in hospital at 39 weeks waiting to be induced (and being told every 30 minutes it would be soon) only for them to change their minds and send me home until my due date. God bless my husband. He is a saint for putting up with me that week. I became a raving lunatic.

I won’t stress over breastfeeding
I went into it with (in my opinion) completely the right attitude. I would try to breastfeed, but it’s not for everyone and I wouldn’t stress if I couldn’t. But I did stress, then they tell you not to stress because it will stop your milk, so you stress more about being stressed.
I think maybe if words like “superwoman” weren’t given to women who breastfeed we would all be feeling a lot better – Breastfeeding is great! But sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.. all women who feed their babies are superwomen in my book. I was lucky that I could breastfeed but I am certainly no bloody superwoman for it, just an average mum who fed her baby however she could.
I cried many a times over breast milk. First it hurt, then he was feeding for 2 hours at a time and I was going to another room to do it (we had visitors or were visiting other a lot in those first weeks) which led to me spending half the day in a room on my own listening to everyone else chat through the walls. Then we went through breast refusal, where my baby would scream and try to wriggle away whenever I tried to feed him. I persisted and I am still feeding him today, but it wasn’t the carefree attitude I wanted to have.

I will never be embarrassed about feeding my baby in public
I never have a problem with anyone feeding their baby in public, in fact I really support it. But I just couldn’t do it myself. I am rather top heavy (nicest way I could put it) and it just was way too awkward for me. Not only did I feel uncomfortable, I looked clumsy and like I had no idea what I was doing. I did end up feeding in front of family – because those hours alone in a room really did me in after a while. But I could never bring myself to feed out and about. I would find a parents room or we would give Harvey a bottle of expressed milk or formula. I am really happy with how it all worked out, because we never had any issues getting Harvs to take a bottle later on. If I ever have another baby I will 100% not change a thing on this.

I won’t become a person that always talks about my baby
It just happens.

I won’t compare my baby reaching it’s milestones to other babies
I swear I haven’t done this much.. but I think it’s pretty natural. None the less it’s a rule I have broken

I’ll never let my baby sleep in our bed
We have stuck to this one fairly well but our original plan was for it to be our no. 1 rule. My husband is a shift worker, and I am a terrible sleeper.. so co-sleeping just wouldn’t have worked for us, and we didn’t want to set habits we would need to break. So we were 1000% sure we would never let our baby sleep in our bed. Ever. Reality? Every morning when Harvs wakes up I bring him into our bed to feed and have a snuggle. It is without a doubt my favourite part of the day. Harvey doesn’t like to sleep in our bed (I am guessing because we have been pretty strict along the way that our bed isn’t for him sleeping) but occasionally he does dose off. And they are my absolute favourite mornings, lazing about with my 2 favourite people in the world.

I won’t let my baby watch TV
Fail. After bath time I pop ABC kids on for 15 minutes right before the bed routine (milk, story, song, sleep) almost every night. It’s a good chill out time that will generally give me a few minutes to clean up dinner.

We won’t use a dummy (Pacifier)
LOL! We lasted about 12 days I think, using our pinky instead (our lactation consultant had told us to do this to help with his tongue tie, and baby got hooked) When we realised we could replace our pinky with an item not connected to us and sleep we were more than ready to break this rule.


We will stop using a dummy by 6 months
He still has it for bed. He sleeps well, and if it aint broke….

I won’t let my house turn into a pre-school (and be overrun with toys)
To be fair I am not really the only person to blame for this.. Harvey is a very lucky boy and has been spoiled. But slowly my house is morphing into a play centre

I won’t think my baby is the OMG CUTEST BABY EVER
Well I do. Rule Shattered. Show me a cuter baby and I won’t agree with you. I think it’s built into our DNA so we still love our children when they annoy us.

I won’t post too many pictures of my baby on Facebook
This one may have been something I was vocal about. Well that’s embarrassing now! To be fair, I hadn’t realised that he would be OMG THE CUTEST BABY EVER..

I won’t start a mummy blog
HA! Not working for over a year seriously leads to insanity. But bugger it. I like my little blog and updating it is fun so why the hell not do it. I love putting outfits on my boy and from my last point I clearly need somewhere else to share it all or my Facebook friends will all un-friend me. I am sure some people would have negative things to say about it, but the older I get, and the happier I get the less I care. I don’t spend all my time being negative about other people because I would rather dedicate that time to just being happy – so I really just feel sad for people who dedicate so much time to negativity… Live and let live and all that 😉


Harvey is wearing:
Big W Long Sleeve Onesie – A gift from an aunty

Big W Hooded Cardi – $18

Target Jeans – $5 last year on sale

H & M Faux Suede Boots – $12.95


Long Weekends

Hooray for long weekends! My husband is a shift worker, so we really don’t get long weekends but we made the most of the lack of traffic, and available parking and headed to St Kilda for the day.

First we popped to Albert Park to check out some ducks. It’s Harvey’s new favourite word and he could be heard squealing “duck duck duck duck” while pointing at a swan. Next stop is totally a selective school 😉

It’s such a nice spot to go for a stroll. I lead by example and kept my hat on all day.

Then we headed over to St Kilda for brunch. I got depressed browsing the shops (everything in that postcode is a size 8!) but I was quickly cheered back up by Luna Park. I immediately regretted the large brunch as soon as I spotted some fairy floss. Next time.

Luna park is awesome when you are 27, it’s mind blowing when you are 10 months old

Harvs is too little for any rides, so we had some fun in the photo booth. He didn’t quite get the concept.

We strolled across to the beach, and pretty much had it to ourselves. I still can’t believe they call it a beach (that’s the NSW South Coast girl in me) Harvey said duck a few more times, even though there were none in sight, which has me wondering if maybe he thinks duck means water… the schools might have to wait for now.

We finished our day at the park. This smile says it all. Great day.

Harvey is wearing:

H & M Long Sleeved Bodysuit in Black – $6.95

Country Road Baby (girl) Pants – $39.95 (no longer available)

H & M Knitted Cardigan – $9.95

H & M Imitation Suade Boots – $12.95

Beau Hudson “Oh Deer” Bandini – $14.50

Baby Gap Hat – $6.95

and incase you were wondering – I am wearing:
Glassons black skinny jeans
H & M jumper
Sportsgirl beanie
Dangerfield boots (from yonks ago, I can’t find a pair to replace them and mine are falling apart!)

My New Favourite Store

I couldn’t let the bag be a liar now..

H & M really is my favourite new store. So cheap. So stylish. I need to go again. A few items on my list weren’t in stock so I am planning another trip soon. I picked up a few items for myself as well, but next time I will be more prepared with a wish list for me. There is just so much to look at it’s easy to get a little lost and I came out of the fitting rooms and found about 5 more items I wanted but didn’t really want to go back in, take of boots etc. Oh the problems we face!

Anyway – here is what I did pick up for our little guy. He wore a couple of items on the weekend (post to come!) and the quality seems fantastic.

Cable Knit Jumper – $19.95


Knitted Cardigan – $9.95
(my colour is pretty off in this shot, we have a stained glass window in the room I used to take these – it’s more like the one on the website)

Knitted Jumper – $12.95 (not online)

Black Long Sleeved Bodysuit – $6.95

Hat & Mittens Set – $12.95

And I forgot to take a picture – but I also got these:

Imitation Suade Boots – $12.95

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hope the bunny was good to you.

We are off to Mass today then brunch with some lovely friends.

I wonder how long we can dress Harvey in bear and bunny suits before it starts to become psychologically damaging? Don’t anwer that – who cares when it’s this darn cute!

Target Newborn Coverall with Hood – $14.10 on sale from $18
It will probably be heavily discounted tomorrow now Easter is done with. So I am off to go buy it in the next two sizes 😉

Double Denim

Happy long weekend!! Hope you have exciting plans for Easter.

We have been heading to the park more and more these days to break up the boredom of home.  It is so strangely bitter sweet watching him on the swings and see-saw, he is such a little boy now.  This is what the kiddo rocked to the park the other day. He broke a major rule in wearing double denim, but I think he pulls it off.

Look at this – no hat! He actually has hair, not much, but it’s getting there. I have tried combing it over to the side and he giggles at me, I think he knows my efforts are pointless. But I am patient and I will be combing it over in no time.

Harvey is wearing:

Target Baby Chambray Shirt – $10 (on sale – can’t find it on line but have spotted plenty in store) Here is a similar one

Kmart Jeggings – $6

Lima Bean Bandana Bib – $13.95

Puppy Shoes – A gift from a lovely cousin. How cute are these!!

Baby Gap Hat – $6.95

Home always feels fresher after a visit to the park

A Spot of Shopping

Winter is well and truly kicking in and so I have been working on growing the little guys winter collection.

I picked up these bits and a pieces from Big W and Target for such good prices and now I am wishing the weather would cool down more so I can bust them out! The days are once again warm and sunny but the nights and mornings are cold, so layering is key for survival right now.

Target Baby Denim Shirt – $10 (on sale)

Target Baby Navy and White Striped jumper – $20

Big W Hoodie – $18
So loving this bargain

Big W Printed Grey Cardi – $13

Big W Fox Onesie – Not 100% sure how much this was but it was under $7

Big W Fleecy PJ’s – $7
Love this colour!

Bonds Stretchies Print Leggings
How could I say no to these in another colour?

I also picked up a bunch of Bonds Wondersuits with a few of the $5 Big W versions too, now it’s cold at night warm pj’s are a must.

Now get excited people – because I have been to H & M. I lined up and all.. and no surprises that Harvey didn’t do to badly from it (except a couple of items that weren’t in stock) Post to come soon!!

The Graduation

A beautiful friend of mine had her Graduation in Geelong last week, so we headed on down to cheer her on and celebrate.

I was totally stressing that two hours in a big theatre would be the undoing for our little lad but he was perfectly behaved. I really need to stop underestimating him!

I kept things pretty simple with his outfit, it started out a cool day so he was wearing a gorgeous chunky cardi but it was stripped off pretty early as the weather turned warm. No pressure Harvs but you do look pretty good in that hat 😉

Harvey is wearing:

Purebaby Oganic Collared all in one: It’s no longer in stock and I am not sure how much I paid for this but it has certainly served us well. Purebaby wears so well

Zara Suspender Trousers $39.95
These finally saw their first outing and were a hit

Dunlop My First Volleys – $15 from Big W

Baby Gap hat

Running away – his new favourite game.

So proud of the lovely K – she said I was allowed to post pics on my blog and who am I to say no! She looked gorgeous in her Grad gear. Harvey was totally confused over her tassle, which resulted in this face for all photos –

We celebrated her graduation with a night on the town, ladies only. K booked a beautiful hotel in the city and I had my first full night away from my baby, who is seeming less like a baby these days!
We ate at Movida and holy moly was it good. If you are in Melbourne it is a must try – but far the best tapas I have ever had. I spent dessert trying to pick my favourite dish and I just couldn’t.

Just Like Dad

My husband is obsessed with he and Harvey being a matching pair. So when he spotted the “My First Volleys” that looked like a pair of Volleys he also owned it was decided we had to buy them for our boy (normally I make those decisions)

The other day my husband pulled his out and they wore them together. His are pretty scuffed and worse for wear, but I think they make a pretty cute combo in matching jeans and shoes.

I am so happy to feel the weather cooling down, and I am finally able to start pulling out some winter items for our little guy (and having an excuse to shop for more!)

This boy is getting FAST! Capturing photos of him is not as easy as it used to be, but I am up for the challenge. His little handstands have me thinking it wont be long until he is standing solo. Everything in our home has become something to pull up and walk along, and our baby proofing has been put to the test (and failed in some areas) We are desperately trying to attempt a balance between keeping our home ‘ours’ and it being a safe place for a baby to live. Also known as operation “Let’s not let our house become a pre-school”, maybe I’ll make a post about it…

Harvey is wearing:
Country Road Baby Solid Henley – $24.95

Target Baby Jeans – $15 (these aren’t the same pair, but similar)

Beau Hudson Inca Bandini – $14.50

Dunlop My First Volleys (from Big W) – $15

Hat is a cheapy from ebay

We went to a graduation last week and took Harvey with us. The guide warned children making noises would be asked to leave and I held my breath walking in the doors. But we was great! He loved the lights, and assumed all cheering was for himself and clapped along. We had food and toys on hand to keep him going and we lasted the whole 2 hours. Success! Of course he wore something cute, and I will share some shots in my next post.

Nursery Tour

I talk a lot about what Harvey wore (obviously) but I have never shared Harvey’s room on here. It’s been now a year since I put it together I still love it.

It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea (most people pulled a face when I told them I was dreaming of a black cot) but it suits our home, and now even more our boy perfectly. He is vibrant, happy & unique (says his totally non biased mum 😉 ) and I think his room is too.

We didn’t know if Harvey was a He or a She, so decorated the room in ‘neutral’ colours that I loved. I don’t like things to be super feminine or masculine. I am not a girly girl myself- you will find me in black and white stripes almost always, and very rarely do I wear a frill or pink so going neutral suited me just fine.

I was dreaming of a black cot for years before we even knew there was a baby on the way. Within hours of my positive pregnancy test I was googling to see the logistics of shipping a black cot from the states but it wasn’t going to happen. So I started searching. A few weeks later I came across a beautiful wooden cot on ebay and fell madly in love. I checked all of the SIDS cot guidelines to be sure it would be safe. Lots of people would disagree with buying an older cot like mine – this was custom made about 5-10 years ago to replicate a vintage look so it’s not vintage, but it’s certainly not new. But after doing my research and checking the boxes I felt confident I could sleep at night with my bub safely tucked into this cot. It wasn’t black, but I conned my husband into agreeing to paint it and the bidding war began. It received a fair few bids but no way was I giving up a fight and I scored it for under $100, a bargain in my eyes. We picked it up and headed to Bunnings where we purchased all the bits and pieces needed for sanding, priming and painting (we went with non toxic no VOC paint for safety reasons) The hassling of getting my husband to start the job started that week.

6 months later, my bump swelling and nesting well and truly kicked in I finally got him to make his move. And within a week it was Black, moved in and ready for baby.

The drawers are actually from our bedroom suite but I thought they matched perfectly with what we had in mind for the nursery. The set has 2 bedsides and 2 drawers, and we have built in robes, so we really didn’t need it anyway. So it crossed the hall into the babies room.

From there I collected bits and pieces as I went along. I won the Bunting in a Facebook competition (yay!)

The prints above the drawers I designed and printed myself. The print with Harvey’s name sat saying “Baby Name” for most of my pregnancy and I had a few designs ready to go with our boy and girl names. I love that everything that is bright in the room can be changed out. All of the big pieces are blacks and whites. So if I get sick of yellow (which no doubt I will) I can switch them over.. or if we were having a 2nd baby (no plans yet but you never know!) and moving Harvey into a big boy room I could re-do the statement pieces to change it up a bit for a new baby.

The above the cot area was the part I struggled with most. I toyed with a few ideas but worried about anything slightly heavy falling on baby. I spotted a cardboard deer head in typo and figured it was perfect – light and not likely to fall. I fastened it to the wall in 2 sections just to be safe though.

Now Harvey is getting bigger the room is starting to change. A few breakables have just been put away and I have a feeling it won’t be long before he is too big for the change table (so far it is the one spot I can keep his little wriggle bum still for changes but no doubt that won’t last forever) I have some future plans for the room as he grows which is exciting but will be bitter sweet. So many nights I spent in that rocking chair rubbing my tummy feeling him kick with a smile on my face ear to ear about our little baby in that room, and now I am planning a first birthday party. It has gone far too quickly! But I wouldn’t change a single thing. Gosh such a sop!

Baby H & M Wishlist

Oh Em Gee. There are a lot of reasons I love living in melbourne, a good chunk of which is the shopping.. and the list is about to grow longer. This weekend H & M opens at the GPO in Melbourne. And I’m excited. And luck would have it I will happen to be in the CBD this weekend. I don’t do well in crowds so I am hoping it’s not too crazy, but I will be baby (and more importantly pram) free so I might be able to squish in at least for a look then pop back to make my purchases when the crowds die down a little. This is my wishlist for Harvey so far:

Set – Bodysuit and Gift box $6.95 Totally couldn’t care less about the gift box, but I love anything with a stripe. Added bonus is it being a bodysuit, my boy is tall and tee’s ride up.

Set – Shirt & Slipover $19.95 For the love of cute. When I used to dream of one day having a boy back in the day I dreamed of shirts and vests just like this.

Knitted Jumper  $12.95 How can this be under $15? I was struggling to find jumpers for winter as so much around has massive fake logos with dumb things written on then like “going camping” or “race driver”.. and I just don’t. get. it. My husband and I have had a few debates lately in Target as to whether a big logo could be unpicked, but I eventually decided if you can’t make it right I’m not buying it.. and now I have H & M so no need to worry!

Cable Knit Jumper – $19.95 Harvey had a similar one to this as a newborn from Baby Gap. I loved it so much and was so upset when he outgrew it, now I can relive his newborn days without forcing him into a 0000 jumper! Here is a pic of my squishy little newborn in his Gap knit on his first visit to a winery. Gosh so teeny. I wonder if I can squeeze that bear hat onto his head this winter..

Imitation Suade Boots $12.95 These are perfect for winter

Set. Hat + Mittens $12.95 There is another set in a navy print.. but lord knows my husband will read this. Just kidding – Adding up those items is around $85 which would buy Harvey 1 outfit tops at some other places I love to shop. There are also a few pairs of pants I have my eye on.. but I couldn’t pick out which ones I liked most so I will leave that until I see it in person and update once I have made it through the counters with my purchases (could take a while, I hear when Zara opened it was insane) I am just so excited to have another good shopping option for my boy. Budget friendly too. No doubt this will have other stores on their A game in no time as well. And I haven’t even looked for myself yet… and I am banning myself from the home section (for now)