Coastal Loving

We are home. And I still haven’t done any washing. Sometimes having far too many clothes is a good thing!

We had a fabulous time away catching up with family and friends, and we attended a beautiful wedding. Harvey looked adorable, I’ll be sure to share his wedding attire soon.

First here are some shots from the harbour in my home town. Such a beautiful spot. My home growing up had an amazing view of this harbour and I never thought anything of it seeing it everyday, now I adore it.

This kid is growing at lightening speed.. I swear he was immobile not all that long ago and now he is so fast and pulls up to stand on everything. Baby goal (the playpen) has been installed at home and so far he is happy to hang in there. I have been rotating toys so he doesn’t get bored, but mostly he just wants to stand up holding on the the bars and dance.

Tonight Hairspray (the musical) came on just before he went to bed, and he immediately started bopping and clapping his hands to the music. So adorable.

Harvey is wearing:

Bonds Hoodie  – $19.95

Beau Hudson Oh Deer Bandini – $14.50

Striped Hat was made by Harvey’s aunty – she is a clever lady!

Target Baby Jeans – $10 on sale from last season

Dunlop Baby Volleys from BigW – $15

’til next time.


2 thoughts on “Coastal Loving

  1. Oh gosh he is so cute! So happy to have found your blog 🙂 Love the deer bandini. Which playpen did you buy? We’re in the market for one (crawling baby in an apartment eep!) x

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