Bonds Boy

We are already Bonds fans from way back (by way back I mean 8 months ago) but the 40% off sale sold me on a few items last week.

First here is Harvey in the outfit he wore on his first full day of being home

Holy moly that squishy little newborn kills me. I purchased that little onesie and hat just after our wedding almost 5 years ago.. I got it in both blue and pink but gave the pink one away- intuition perhaps?

Harvey wore this stripey number below all summer long. Cute, affordable and light for hot summer days.

This squishy face is making many appearances now. He thinks he is hilarious.

You can buy this little chesty suit now on sale here for $10 – not too shabby! Bonds ships for free too- bonus!

Here are my latest purchases. The 40% off just finished but I find bonds do lots of great sales, and even at full price they are still affordable.

Stretchies Leggings – $13.95
I have a geometric obsession at the moment so if something has triangles on it I’ll pretty much but it. These are comfy and light for Harvs so it’s a double win.

Newborn knit jacket – $26.95
Winter is coming.. And I can’t wait. I think I’ll grab this in a couple more colours. I also can’t wait for Game of Thrones to come back.

Baby Hoodie – $19.95
This will look super cute with just about anything. And it has a built in hat- and we know how I feel about hats!


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