Our Purebaby at the Park

I am a bit of a fan of Purebaby. Their baby clothes are always fashionable, subtle (no giant CUTE or GOING CAMPING words written all over them) and wear and wash well. I generally wait for a sale to buy because they often have them and I am a lover of bargains.

I don’t remember how much I paid for this outfit.. but it was half price around Christmas, and Harvey has been getting lots of wear out of it with these warm days stretching on. It’s a cream onesie with a collar and a pair of overalls, the collared onesie also looks great with pants/shorts (especially with suspenders)

Is there anything cuter than a little boy in overalls? Since Harvey was a couple months old I have been going most days for a walk (I like to say run, but it’s really a walk with the occasional jog when I muster up some energy 😉 ) Now he has gotten bigger we have started stopping along the way for a play, mostly we stop at the park (we pass two on our usual walk) but yesterday we took a detour and went to this open field. Harvey crawled around, played with (tried to eat) the grass, and burnt off some enegry. I took pictures.

Where does time go? I am sure I just had a baby the other day. Days fly by, I feel like life pre Harvey went so slow (hyperemisis & not working during my pregnancy certainly didn’t help) then the last 8 months has gone with the blink of an eye.

Now I have this bright bubbly tot, who is so much fun. Every age since I had a snugly little newborn I have said “this is my favourite age” but I think this age really is my favourite. He is interactive and playful, he is on the move but not into too much mischief. He is doing so well at self settling and sleeping and he is learning new words and starting to understand what they mean (no mum yet though!) Life with an 8 month old is pretty grand.


One thought on “Our Purebaby at the Park

  1. LOVE those overalls! Will definitely check out purebaby…life with an 8 month old was grand, and I’m happy to say it just keeps getting better. One year olds are a blast 🙂

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