Kmart $6 Jeggings

As of last week Harvey owns these jeggings in every size they come in.

I purchased the first pair when I was pregnant. They are in the girls section but there is certainly nothing girly about them. We didn’t know Harvey was a he so my shopping was limited (don’t worry, I made up for it) and I figured they were a perfect neutral item to go with everything, and at $6 a steal! So I grabbed the newborn size. Then when he was born they were so easy, stretchy and comfy and looked cute to boot.. so I went and picked up the 000 and 00 for him to grow into. I certainly got my moneys worth with those too, so last week when I noticed the 00 were too short I skipped off to Kmart and picked up the 0 and 1 – rounding out our collection. We also own 2 red pairs we got for $3 each on sale – their dollar for wear number would be cents, I am planning a post on the outfits they made soon.

I will always recommend those having babies to go crazy on tights and jeggings for under 6 month sizes – proper pants and jeans are just too difficult and don’t look as comfy. Because they are stretchy they also fit well for longer.

Harvey is wearing:

Kmart Baby Jeggings – $6
I swear these were on the website last week but now are missing. Anyway if you can’t tell from this post I love these.

Seed Heritage Geometric Print Tee –
Harvey recently wore this on the blog here.. it’s such a cute top. It’s from last season so no longer available

Seed Heritage Baby Shoes – $39.95
I loved these so much I drove over an hour each way to buy them because my Seed had sold out. He has only just started to fit them now months later so I have been busting them out lately. It’s from last season so no longer available

Baby Gap Hat – $4.95 minus another 25%
I know the price because I went and grabbed two more of these on the weekend. This hat goes with everything and is the right fit and thickness that means Harvey doesn’t get too warm

Here are some Iphone shots from the past showing Harvey in his Kmart Jeggings as a teeny bubba (they grow too fast!)

Kmart Jeggings, Cotton On onesie, Purebaby Cardi

Kmart Jeggings, Target onesie, Kmart flannelette shirt

Kmart Jeggings, Best and Less Shirt and Vest

Kmart Jeggings, Baby Gap Shirt and Jumper, Zara shoes

Kmart Jeggings, Seed Heritage tee


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