Cool Change

These days are getting cooler. It seems we are getting cool mornings and hot afternoons, which means an outfit change for all of us each day. I will never get used to Melbourne weather, lucky all it’s pros make up for that con.

But on the plus side, it is my humble opinion that when it comes to baby boy fashion Autumn/Winter is far more fun. Although I am yet to find vest that sets my heart racing – any suggestions where I could look?

Cooler days mean the jeans are coming out in full force. You saw Harvs yellow jeans a few days ago, and here are his red ones. Coloured jeans are a winner in my eyes!

Harvey is wearing:
Ebay Tee –
This came with overalls but it’s cute on it’s own too. I have been searching for a black and white stripe tee and this is the only one I have come across. Something so simple you would think!

Target Baby red jeans
I actually can’t remember how much these were, but they were from summer and no longer in stock. While they are cute they are a little stiff. I have only washed them once (Harvey just outgrew 00 jeans now at 8 months) so hopefully they will soften with a few more washes.

I will say I preferred Harvey’s red jeggings from Kmart – he had them in 0000, 000 and 00 so has worn them since birth, but he finally outgrew the 00 last month and I can’t get them any more, although they still stock the denim colour so I will blog about them soon – $6 and I got one pair on sale for $3!! Jeggings are perfect for babies.. comfort wins.

Lima Bean Bandana bib – $13.95
This would have to be Harvey’s most often worn item. I am even sick of seeing it myself! But fear not.. I have a couple of new Bandana Bibs on their way from Beau Hudson, and they are adorable.


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