Puppy Love

Harvey is the proud owner of 2 Alaskan Malamutes. He could not love them any more, just the sight of them get his legs kicking and his hands opening and close grabbing all while squealing with delight.

We were very slow in our introduction of puppies to Harvey, they are such big dogs and while they are gentle giants we just wanted to be super careful. Each day we would take Harvey out – at first wrapped in a blanket then as he got bigger (and the weather warmed up) we started taking him out unwrapped. The first few weeks the would just sniff at the little bundle and look at him curiously (tilted heads and all) but over time they started to nudge him a little and have a good look. As Harvey started to wriggle more they realised he was actually a person and not a little bundle. Then once Harvey was more aware of surroundings we would hold him down to let him pat them and they would give him a little sniff (and a lick if they got the chance)

Once Harvey was sitting up we let them slowly be closer to him. By now they had learnt they needed to be gentle with the baby. If they ever got too excited or nudged a little too hard we said a firm no and took baby straight back inside. It wasn’t until now (at 8 months) that we have had the chance to get photos of them all together (our fur kids and our human kid) They aren’t perfect shots.. but getting them to focus on me when they are way too excited to be playing with each other is impossible!
We were pretty reserved in letting our baby be around our dogs, I had visions before I was pregnant of puppies, newborn and I all snuggling together and it just didn’t turn out that way – but it’s worked well for us. Puppies love baby, Harvey loves puppies, and they all know to be gentle together. We would never leave any child unattended with our dogs – and that is as much for our puppies safety as the little ones. Our dogs have never hurt, or bitten anyone ever, but dogs just don’t know their strengths sometimes, and it’s not a risk we are willing to take.

Enough of that serious stuff! Now to What Harvey Wore:

Seed Heritage Baby Top – Not sure on the price as it was a gift but most of their tops are around $24.95 and wash and wear so well.
This was from Harvey’s aunties for Christmas, so is no longer in stock. But I adore it! Give me anything Geometric and I will love it, and this has arrows on the back so it gets two ticks. He also has the matching bib.

I absolutely love the Seed Baby brand – but I have to be honest and say I am so not loving the current stock. Just not into Dinosaurs, it’s foxes or nothing in this house. I’m kidding.. we do like wolf shirts too haha! Honestly though I am just finding the current range (with the dinosaurs) a bit more ‘play clothes’ looking, and if I am going to buy H play clothes, they won’t be from Seed. I am eyeing off the moccasins though – just deciding on size because I want them for when he starts to walk.

Target Baby Jeans
Also no longer in stock.I paid like $5 for these last year on sale, I don’t think Harvey was even born yet.. but boy or girl I love yellow and knew they would be a hit. Coloured jeans are big in this house, in his current size he has red, yellow & green as well as the usual dark/light denim and black jeans.

Hat is from BabyGap & Socks are Bonds


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