Suspenders? I’m sold!

There is just something about a baby in suspenders that kills me.

Zara Baby Shorts with Suspenders – $44.95
Cost per wear price on these shorts makes them totally worth it. He has worn them to a few events and they still have lots of room for him to grow.

Zara Baby Cream Tee – $16.95
It can be a challenge to find boys clothes that doesn’t have writing on it – and Zara always delivers the goods. This is 3-6 month size and H is 8 months, I would say this shirt is more a 6-9 month size. So I will mostly size down from now on.

Best and Less Baby Navy Sandals – $8.95
Seriously. These go with almost every summer outfit.


2 thoughts on “Suspenders? I’m sold!

    • Ha! I could never compete. Lee says to spend less on Harbs and more on myself but I just don’t look as cute dressed up..

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