Summer Boy

I love a bargain, and this outfit was a bargain head to toe which makes it a winner in my eyes. I am a winter lover when it comes to dressing my boy, but Summer did have it’s perks, and polo shirts were one of them.

Hello Handsome!

What big cheeks you have!

Harvey is wearing:
Target Blue Polo Shirt – $10 (no longer online)
I paid $10 for this one then a couple of days later noticed they were on sale for $5 so grabbed another in Coral. I saw they still had a few the other day and went to grab some for next summer but sadly they only had smaller sizes left.

Target Fedora style Hat – $10 Find a similar one for $8 here!

Big W printed shorts – $6.88 (yep! Under $7. I love Big W!)
I love the print of these. Such a bargain and they have worn really well. I find with shorts I tend to size down for H because I don’t like the oversized look. Big W has all the winter gear in stock now but I have seen a few of these floating around still and have my eye out for next year sizes.

Best and Less Sandals – $8
I searched everywhere for a basic Navy sandal for H and was pretty pleased with myself when I snapped up this bargain. Pays to shop around sometimes!

This outfit Total is $34.88
Not bad considering Harvey owns pairs of shorts that alone cost more than this. A cute sharp look on a budget is fine by me.

Here are the shorts again a few weeks ago when Harvey met his new puppy friend Molly (so cute – who doesn’t love a beagle)

Same Big W Shorts and Best and Less Sandals  as above with:
Zara Tee – $16.95
Purebaby Organic Chambray Hat: $29.95 (from memory)
This little hat has been so perfect over summer, it matches almost everything and is light and easy to chuck in my bag to take out.

Puppy kisses!!


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