Chevron Addict

Anyone who has left their house in the last 18 months would be aware that chevron print is pretty darn huge at the moment.

And I jumped right on that bandwagon. Bedspreads, towels, prints, cushions, a clutch.. and of course baby clothes.
So when I spotted a pair of grey and white chevron pants in Country Road Baby I was sold. Until I realised they were from the girls section, they had a little salmon coloured bow on them but that didn’t bother me. I am not big on boy/girl rules and a few of Harvey’s pants/cardi’s have come from the girls section (I like skinny jeans) but that didn’t stop me from somehow feeling awkward when buying them.
While I was paying for them it went down a little like this:
Sales Assistant: (looking in my pram) Are these for a gift?
Me: No, they are for my baby boy.. do you think he can wear them?
Sales Assistant: They are girls, but I guess if you cut the ribbon off they might not look so girly.
(At this point I started to feel a little embarrassed about buying my son girls pants. I have no idea why since it would never normally bother me)
Me: Well it’s not the first thing he will own from the girls section so hopefully he will survive
The remainder of the transaction was done in an awkward silence.
And would you believe, each time he wears these pants he gets so many damn compliments. If I had a $1 for every time someone said how cute they were I could head straight to the girls section and buy him some more. And not one person has thought he was a girl. So I will never doubt my girls section purchases again. Although I did cut off that ribbon, they look better without it anyway. Boy or Girl.
Can’t believe he is pulling himself up on furniture already.. um didn’t I just have a baby!? His daddy was standing right behind him ready to catch, just in case you were already dialling child services 😉

Harvey is wearing:
Country Road Chevron Pant (looks like they are no longer in stock due to being last season)
Target Short Sleeve Bodysuit
Bonds White Socks
Lima Bean Red Bandana Bib
Baby Gap Hat
Harvs & I at the zoo a few weeks ago rocking the same outfit


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