Flashback Friday – Our Baby Shower

I was planning our baby shower for a long time. Before there was ever even a baby to shower.

I knew early on I wanted both Ladies and Men. I love baby showers but I love mixed parties even more and my husband loves a bit of attention so who was I to steal his thunder. He was having a baby too after all!

We struggled to find a venue that would hold up in wet weather, and we couldn’t have it at home in Melbourne because all of our loved ones were back in the old country (NSW) Then we thought of a place we had been to a million times but just wasn’t an obvious choice. A cocktail bar in our favourite pub. We booked (although they did double check with us a few times that it was for a baby shower!) and I started pinning away. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

We never found out if Harvey was a he or a she. My other half wanted the surprise, and I didn’t really care what the baby was so a surprise it was. Turned out I absolutely loved the surprise and would do it all over exactly the same. Anyway the point of my rambling is it meant I needed a gender neutral theme. I tossed up a few and decided on a Bee theme.

Because the party was a mixed, relaxed, have a few drinks with us style  (and make mine a mocktail) I didn’t bother with too many games. We had a guessing game (gender, weight, hair colour etc) and the good old peg game above which proved popular. I also set up a little “What Will It Bee?” photo booth.

The party went really well, exactly what we had wanted. It was such a lovely way to catch up with our friends and family before Harvey came into the world. It must have been a hit with our guests too, because a couple of months ago we attended another baby shower at the same venue with both boys and girls there too.

(ps. It was a boy!)


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