So last week Harvey and I dropped my husband to work and headed to a large shopping centre nearby. My plan was to grab a bite, feed Harvey, and when he dozed off I would pop in and get my hair cut. I had left it far too long and my hair was getting so long that even a pony tail sat at ‘long hair’ length. It was time.

It started off well, I changed and fed Harvey, grabbed a coffee and thought I would just stroll around until he dozed off. Next thing I knew I was in Country Road, then Seed, then Zara,  and it continued until I noticed a sales assistant counting out a till. The stores were all closing! Harvey had slept over an hour and I had been shopping the whole time. No hair cut for me.

I did however manage to pick up some items for Harvs for when the weather starts to cool down. And don’t worry, a few days later I finally did get my cut and blow wave (which was pretty wasted when I chucked it in a pony tail to feed Harvey soon after, but it felt nice at the time)

Here are some snaps of the items I picked up. The winter wardrobe is coming along in my mind now.

Country Road Solid Henley  – $24.95
Harvey has last years version of this and it’s fantastic. Nice, neat & looks sharp just with jeans. They wash so well too. I prefer last seasons  style  to this one but unfortunately babies grow and it no longer fits.. but this is still lovely. I want to grab one more but I am deciding between the navy and the grey.

Cotton On Fox Long Sleeve Tee – $12.95
For some reason they don’t have this on the Australian website, so this is the US one. But they do have plenty in store. Here it is $12.95 or two tees for $20. I searched for a 2nd item to get the deal but nothing tickled my fancy. I am not really into the band shirts and it’s not often I ever pick out items with pictures on them – I don’t really understand the robot/car/dinosaur print on all boys items (Pumkin Patch is the biggest offender on this one) But my exception to that rule seems to be wolves and foxes. Put a fox on something and I am sold. I guess it’s just whatever you are into and robots aren’t my thing.

Country Road Foxy Bunny – $19.95
See above. It had a fox, in fact it had several. So I was sold.
Harvey has a white bunny that was a baby shower gift and he loves swinging it around like a helicopter, so I have no doubts this will be a hit. I debated the matching bunny rug, but Harvs wears sleeping bags to bed, and the pram has a footmuff for winter so I really had no use for it. I would have snapped up the matching hat but Country Road baby hats are so darn tiny they barely fit him as a newborn.

Zara Grey Pants with Suspenders – $39.95
I seriously could go crazy in Baby Zara. It is so well priced for the style and quality. I picked up these on this trip but I will definitely be back to grab a couple of their jumpers/cardis.

Country Road Solid Legging – $24.95
I think these will make a great cooler weather staple. Look nice but are warm and comfortable. I am not keen on the idea of trackies (except for play) so these should replace them. I might even grab them in Navy too.

Today I did some more budget friendly shopping at Target and BigW (love those places!) but I’ll save them for another post.


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