Meet Harvey

This is Harvey.

Also known as Harvs, Harby, Harvey Bear, Bear, Bubba & the Pomosky (long story)
Tomorrow he has been rocking our worlds for 8 months.

Harvey is wearing:
Target Short Sleeve Bodysuit 
Lima Bean Bandana Bib
Gap Baby White Beanie

I love reading blogs, and spend far too much time reading them. And I have recently (from about 8 months ago 😉 ) become obsessed with dressing our young lad, so I figured why not blog about how much I enjoy dressing him.. Plus, I have been planning out his winter wardrobe since before Summer began, I think I might need a new outlet to talk about baby clothes. I’m pretty sure my husband has had enough.

Bebe By Minihaha Bib – Purchased at DJ’s but I can’t find it online

So here I will share my shopping for baby adventures, many a pictures of Harvey & his outfits, our adventures, plus things I can’t afford but wish I could (I’m looking at you Armani Junior & Burberry)


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