Suspenders? I’m sold!

There is just something about a baby in suspenders that kills me.

Zara Baby Shorts with Suspenders – $44.95
Cost per wear price on these shorts makes them totally worth it. He has worn them to a few events and they still have lots of room for him to grow.

Zara Baby Cream Tee – $16.95
It can be a challenge to find boys clothes that doesn’t have writing on it – and Zara always delivers the goods. This is 3-6 month size and H is 8 months, I would say this shirt is more a 6-9 month size. So I will mostly size down from now on.

Best and Less Baby Navy Sandals – $8.95
Seriously. These go with almost every summer outfit.


Summer Boy

I love a bargain, and this outfit was a bargain head to toe which makes it a winner in my eyes. I am a winter lover when it comes to dressing my boy, but Summer did have it’s perks, and polo shirts were one of them.

Hello Handsome!

What big cheeks you have!

Harvey is wearing:
Target Blue Polo Shirt – $10 (no longer online)
I paid $10 for this one then a couple of days later noticed they were on sale for $5 so grabbed another in Coral. I saw they still had a few the other day and went to grab some for next summer but sadly they only had smaller sizes left.

Target Fedora style Hat – $10 Find a similar one for $8 here!

Big W printed shorts – $6.88 (yep! Under $7. I love Big W!)
I love the print of these. Such a bargain and they have worn really well. I find with shorts I tend to size down for H because I don’t like the oversized look. Big W has all the winter gear in stock now but I have seen a few of these floating around still and have my eye out for next year sizes.

Best and Less Sandals – $8
I searched everywhere for a basic Navy sandal for H and was pretty pleased with myself when I snapped up this bargain. Pays to shop around sometimes!

This outfit Total is $34.88
Not bad considering Harvey owns pairs of shorts that alone cost more than this. A cute sharp look on a budget is fine by me.

Here are the shorts again a few weeks ago when Harvey met his new puppy friend Molly (so cute – who doesn’t love a beagle)

Same Big W Shorts and Best and Less Sandals  as above with:
Zara Tee – $16.95
Purebaby Organic Chambray Hat: $29.95 (from memory)
This little hat has been so perfect over summer, it matches almost everything and is light and easy to chuck in my bag to take out.

Puppy kisses!!

Chevron Addict

Anyone who has left their house in the last 18 months would be aware that chevron print is pretty darn huge at the moment.

And I jumped right on that bandwagon. Bedspreads, towels, prints, cushions, a clutch.. and of course baby clothes.
So when I spotted a pair of grey and white chevron pants in Country Road Baby I was sold. Until I realised they were from the girls section, they had a little salmon coloured bow on them but that didn’t bother me. I am not big on boy/girl rules and a few of Harvey’s pants/cardi’s have come from the girls section (I like skinny jeans) but that didn’t stop me from somehow feeling awkward when buying them.
While I was paying for them it went down a little like this:
Sales Assistant: (looking in my pram) Are these for a gift?
Me: No, they are for my baby boy.. do you think he can wear them?
Sales Assistant: They are girls, but I guess if you cut the ribbon off they might not look so girly.
(At this point I started to feel a little embarrassed about buying my son girls pants. I have no idea why since it would never normally bother me)
Me: Well it’s not the first thing he will own from the girls section so hopefully he will survive
The remainder of the transaction was done in an awkward silence.
And would you believe, each time he wears these pants he gets so many damn compliments. If I had a $1 for every time someone said how cute they were I could head straight to the girls section and buy him some more. And not one person has thought he was a girl. So I will never doubt my girls section purchases again. Although I did cut off that ribbon, they look better without it anyway. Boy or Girl.
Can’t believe he is pulling himself up on furniture already.. um didn’t I just have a baby!? His daddy was standing right behind him ready to catch, just in case you were already dialling child services 😉

Harvey is wearing:
Country Road Chevron Pant (looks like they are no longer in stock due to being last season)
Target Short Sleeve Bodysuit
Bonds White Socks
Lima Bean Red Bandana Bib
Baby Gap Hat
Harvs & I at the zoo a few weeks ago rocking the same outfit

Flashback Friday – Our Baby Shower

I was planning our baby shower for a long time. Before there was ever even a baby to shower.

I knew early on I wanted both Ladies and Men. I love baby showers but I love mixed parties even more and my husband loves a bit of attention so who was I to steal his thunder. He was having a baby too after all!

We struggled to find a venue that would hold up in wet weather, and we couldn’t have it at home in Melbourne because all of our loved ones were back in the old country (NSW) Then we thought of a place we had been to a million times but just wasn’t an obvious choice. A cocktail bar in our favourite pub. We booked (although they did double check with us a few times that it was for a baby shower!) and I started pinning away. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

We never found out if Harvey was a he or a she. My other half wanted the surprise, and I didn’t really care what the baby was so a surprise it was. Turned out I absolutely loved the surprise and would do it all over exactly the same. Anyway the point of my rambling is it meant I needed a gender neutral theme. I tossed up a few and decided on a Bee theme.

Because the party was a mixed, relaxed, have a few drinks with us style  (and make mine a mocktail) I didn’t bother with too many games. We had a guessing game (gender, weight, hair colour etc) and the good old peg game above which proved popular. I also set up a little “What Will It Bee?” photo booth.

The party went really well, exactly what we had wanted. It was such a lovely way to catch up with our friends and family before Harvey came into the world. It must have been a hit with our guests too, because a couple of months ago we attended another baby shower at the same venue with both boys and girls there too.

(ps. It was a boy!)


So last week Harvey and I dropped my husband to work and headed to a large shopping centre nearby. My plan was to grab a bite, feed Harvey, and when he dozed off I would pop in and get my hair cut. I had left it far too long and my hair was getting so long that even a pony tail sat at ‘long hair’ length. It was time.

It started off well, I changed and fed Harvey, grabbed a coffee and thought I would just stroll around until he dozed off. Next thing I knew I was in Country Road, then Seed, then Zara,  and it continued until I noticed a sales assistant counting out a till. The stores were all closing! Harvey had slept over an hour and I had been shopping the whole time. No hair cut for me.

I did however manage to pick up some items for Harvs for when the weather starts to cool down. And don’t worry, a few days later I finally did get my cut and blow wave (which was pretty wasted when I chucked it in a pony tail to feed Harvey soon after, but it felt nice at the time)

Here are some snaps of the items I picked up. The winter wardrobe is coming along in my mind now.

Country Road Solid Henley  – $24.95
Harvey has last years version of this and it’s fantastic. Nice, neat & looks sharp just with jeans. They wash so well too. I prefer last seasons  style  to this one but unfortunately babies grow and it no longer fits.. but this is still lovely. I want to grab one more but I am deciding between the navy and the grey.

Cotton On Fox Long Sleeve Tee – $12.95
For some reason they don’t have this on the Australian website, so this is the US one. But they do have plenty in store. Here it is $12.95 or two tees for $20. I searched for a 2nd item to get the deal but nothing tickled my fancy. I am not really into the band shirts and it’s not often I ever pick out items with pictures on them – I don’t really understand the robot/car/dinosaur print on all boys items (Pumkin Patch is the biggest offender on this one) But my exception to that rule seems to be wolves and foxes. Put a fox on something and I am sold. I guess it’s just whatever you are into and robots aren’t my thing.

Country Road Foxy Bunny – $19.95
See above. It had a fox, in fact it had several. So I was sold.
Harvey has a white bunny that was a baby shower gift and he loves swinging it around like a helicopter, so I have no doubts this will be a hit. I debated the matching bunny rug, but Harvs wears sleeping bags to bed, and the pram has a footmuff for winter so I really had no use for it. I would have snapped up the matching hat but Country Road baby hats are so darn tiny they barely fit him as a newborn.

Zara Grey Pants with Suspenders – $39.95
I seriously could go crazy in Baby Zara. It is so well priced for the style and quality. I picked up these on this trip but I will definitely be back to grab a couple of their jumpers/cardis.

Country Road Solid Legging – $24.95
I think these will make a great cooler weather staple. Look nice but are warm and comfortable. I am not keen on the idea of trackies (except for play) so these should replace them. I might even grab them in Navy too.

Today I did some more budget friendly shopping at Target and BigW (love those places!) but I’ll save them for another post.

Meet Harvey

This is Harvey.

Also known as Harvs, Harby, Harvey Bear, Bear, Bubba & the Pomosky (long story)
Tomorrow he has been rocking our worlds for 8 months.

Harvey is wearing:
Target Short Sleeve Bodysuit 
Lima Bean Bandana Bib
Gap Baby White Beanie

I love reading blogs, and spend far too much time reading them. And I have recently (from about 8 months ago 😉 ) become obsessed with dressing our young lad, so I figured why not blog about how much I enjoy dressing him.. Plus, I have been planning out his winter wardrobe since before Summer began, I think I might need a new outlet to talk about baby clothes. I’m pretty sure my husband has had enough.

Bebe By Minihaha Bib – Purchased at DJ’s but I can’t find it online

So here I will share my shopping for baby adventures, many a pictures of Harvey & his outfits, our adventures, plus things I can’t afford but wish I could (I’m looking at you Armani Junior & Burberry)