The Little Wedding Guest

Apologies for these awful awful photos. We had a bit of a pre wedding ‘incident’ that involved my camera and a 16 month old. Not naming names. I always try to not go photo crazy at friends and family weddings though so I can enjoy the day, so it was lovely not to focus on a camera and just have fun.

I was planning Harvey’s outfit for his aunt’s wedding from when he was an itty bitty newborn. As soon as I knew ‘he’ was a he I wanted something special to put him and his gorgeous big cousin in matching outfits for, and the occasion finally arrived!

These two kids LOVED the wedding.. and all of the attention that looking spunky in matching suits brings.

The wedding was beautiful. It was all in one location (pretty much any wedding that has this is a winner in my book) on a beautiful rustic property, with the reception in a big old shed.


You can tell by this awful family photo that we were clearly having too much fun to waste time getting nice photos..

Harvs and his daddy scrub up pretty well I must say. We sent Harvey home at dinner time so we could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening, which I assure you we did.


Chambray Romper

I spotted this Country Road chambray romper online a couple of weeks ago and HAD to have it. As in couldn’t even wait the few days it would take to be delivered. I decided it was the perfect outfit for the day after the family wedding we attended while away, even though I had already purchased something for that day.. oh well!

I tried a Country Road near my mums house in Sydney, and they were in transit. bummer. Tried another store, they don’t stock CR baby. I then popped into Wollongong on our way to the wedding, they also didn’t have it. BUT the sales assistant had been working in Shellharbour the day before and had unpacked them. So off to Shellharbour I went and had these in my hot little hands ready for the wedding weekend.


Totally worth the hunt!

Harvey is wearing:
Country Road Baby Chambray Romper – $44.95
H & M Hat – $7.95
Beau Hudson “Oh Dear” Bandini – $14.50
Charlie & Me Sandals – $7.99 on sale


Will be back to share Harvey’s wedding outfit soon!


Sometimes, no matter how cute you look because you are wearing a tie, you just don’t want your photo taken.

Sometimes finally happened. Normally our little bug loves posing for photos, but lately he has realised there is a big wide world out there and he is missing out.. so this little shoot was pretty much me chasing him snapping whenever I could.

Speaking of chasing, I am currently on the hunt for some sort of backpack with a strap arrangement. Oh yes you better believe I am one of those parents. So far he has been pretty good at holding hands, but he is a curious little lad who will be on the run soon no doubt. I know they aren’t for everyone, but we really want to teach staying close when out and about.

Hopefully better photo days are ahead!

Hat Trained

My kid keeps his hat on like a champ. I started training at a young age even though everyone told me it wouldn’t work. He isn’t as good with sun hats & his new cap, but 90% of the time I can pop a hat on him and I know it will stay on.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to train him with sunglasses, because they come off faster than my camera can snap a photo, and trust me I am fast with a shutter button.

I managed to get this one shot while he was distracted by puppies

At least we still have hats

and who wants to cover these baby blues up anyway

Fathers Day

We had the most beautiful weekend celebrating Fathers Day. My husband is a shift worker, so when a weekend off falls on a special occasion it makes it even more special for us. I always know when we have had fun because I don’t tend to take many pictures, so these are all I have, but they will do! I am learning more and more I should just relax and get what I get when it comes to family and day out shots, I can’t set up everything to be perfect and I don’t want our memories to be skewed because I was too worried about having good quality images. So now I just take happy snaps and don’t sweat about composure, aperture, exposure and all that business.

Harvey helped me paint the wrapping for his daddy’s gift, thank goodness for non toxic paint because I think he ate more than he painted with.

We had a Saturday night roast then cooked up a big breakie Sunday morning before heading to Diamond Creek Railway which has the cutest little mini trains. We took a picnic and just sat back and relaxed. Harvey loved watching the trains, he clapped whenever one passed us.

Because we were going for some park play I dressed H pretty ‘play friendly’ for all of the climbing and sliding he would no doubt do.

Harvey wore this cute bulldog top I picked up at Tarjay – his first item ever purchased from the ‘big boy’ section (size 1) He was called a girl a few times during the day, it happens sometimes and I shrugged it off.. his dad did notice the sleeves had a little ruffle on them but we thought nothing of it, it’s a bull dog with a bow tie after all. When I cleaned out my laundry bin the other day though I spotted the tag and what do you know – Girls top size 1 – 7. Haha fail! It’s certainly not his first item from the girls section, but it does explain the ruffle sleeves! I am so so sure I found it in the boy section so guessing I am not the only one who thought it was a boys top.

Fathers day family pic:

Clearly our little H was thrilled at being held away from all the fun to pose for photos.

& what’s a family ride on a train without a selfie


This post will be fairly wordless because we are currently getting ready to go to the Zoo. No words are really required though, this boy just keeps getting happier.

and the real kicker:

Happy Thursday!

Warming Up

Melbourne has been putting on some lovely weather this week. Today I wore just a light jacket and felt too warm. I am going to be optimistic and call winter done, Ha!

I celebrated the warm weather by rolling up Harvey’s sleeves. Check out that hair! Harvey wears hats so often sometimes it’s rapid growth surprises me.

He blows kisses now at the sight of keys or the front door being touched. Bless.

My lovely husband is back at work, that week off went far too quick. We fit in lots of activities but I was having too much fun to capture them. We had an amazing day in the Yarra with a quick stop in to Healesville Sanctuary. Last time we visited we decided it was probably more for older kids, but I am so glad we gave it another go. I find you get good zoo days and bad zoo days. Bad days are when all the animals are hidden away and sleeping. Good days they put on a show, and we absolutely got a good day this time. The birds there are amazing! Doesn’t hurt that Healesville is wine country and we always sneak in a visit to one of our favourites too.

This is our one shot from the zoo. Harvey points at his puppy hat and wants to wear it most days lately. He loves it. I am not complaining, I think it’s adorable.

We spent the rest of the week catching up with some friends, taking walks with our fur babies, and just kicking back. Holidays at home are so lovely.

Lucky it’s only 4 short weeks away to another 2 weeks off. It’s a hard life. We are off to L’s sisters wedding and Harvey’s outfit is currently being shipped along with a matching one for his 2 year old cousin. So excited, Harvey clearly is too..

He is still obsessed with dancing. We broke another “things we never said we would do before we had kids ” rule and got a wiggles dvd and have been dancing along to it all 3 of us. Such fun. Harvey practices his moves in front of the camera at every opportunity.

Harvey is wearing:

Zara Baby White Shirt -$25.95
Espirit Vest – Gift
Target Skinny Jeans – $5 on sale yonks ago
Charlie & Me Shoes – $10

One last shot… just to prove that at least someone thinks I am funny.



Holiday At Home

Put your hands in the air, because daddy is on holidays!

For the first time ever, we are spending some time off at home. We have lived in Melbourne for over 2 years but have never had leave and not gone away.

Harvey seems pretty happy about it.

I adore these Charlie & Me shoes.

And of course this Fox tee from Best & Less (so much that Harvey has 2) The jeans are from Target – I picked up a tonne of coloured skinny jeans for $5 each when I was pregnant and they are fantastic.

We spent our first official “holiday at home” day at Ripponlea House. Such a beautiful estate and the house itself is amazing.

Harvey got in some walking practice around the grounds.

He was pretty excited about the house, he just couldn’t contain himself.

For the rest of the week we have no set in concrete plans, just doing what we feel like each day. I think we will pop out to the Yarra Valley, have a yummy lunch and pop into Healesville sanctuary. We will no doubt have a day in the city too. Any recommendations of things to do are welcome!

Feeling Better

As soon as I finish this post I am off to find some wood to knock on, because I think we are just about all fully recovered from our sickness and now I have put it in writing. Awful bug hit us all and kept coming back in waves and I will be mighty glad to see the end of it. I am the only one now still a little ‘off’ but I think another day or two I will be back to full health.

I celebrated then end of our woes by putting Harvey in this outfit today.

I love a bit of nautical. Harvey had a few little sailor suits as a baby but has sadly outgrown them now.

This outfit is all Target, I found the tights in the girls section.

Now we are feeling better we have been spending a little more time outside. We even went to the art gallery which was fantastic. Harvey is officially obsessed with planes. He watches the sky waiting for one to fly over then points at it in awe, like this.

Then waits again for another.


The Target sweater and leggings are teamed with his Deary Me moccs, and Baby Gap hat.

Here is to better health and more days outside!